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Restaurant Menu Designs


Set your restaurant apart while maximizing your sales with a custom design menu. Create an immediate impression that gets your customers taste buds craving your signature dishes, drinks, or appetizers. Kick-off your grand opening with a menu design that is on-point and visually scrumptious.

Elements of Menu Design


Restaurant menu design is the backbone of your operation. Menus are what every one of your customers will see. They are often one of the most overlooked aspects of marketing. From creating a strong brand to upselling your highest margin items, menus are your silent salesman.


An effective menu design will help you:


  • Improve your restaurant's image

  • Properly present your food items and drinks

  • Upsell appetizer and dessert sales

  • Promote customer loyalty programs

  • Drive carryout and delivery sales

BBQ Menu Template Restaurant.png

Aspects of an Impressive Menu Design

The last thing you want is an amateur restaurant menu design. Improper color usage, inconsistent font types and sizes, non-contrasting colors, poor use of images, and unbalanced spacing are just some of the issues that could occur if you don't have prior design experience.

A well laid out menu will consist of:


  • A theme-based design

  • Proper use of brand colors

  • Organized sections

  • Featured items and specials

  • Easy to read fonts

9 Pillars of Restaurant Menu Design


Yeh, it sounds cheesy, but the menu design needs to be yummy! What does this mean? It's simple. Your menu needs to stand out and demand attention.


An effective restaurant menu design needs to be intricately thought out:


1. Selecting your theme

A theme is the look and feel of your restaurant menu. The theme you choose must be in tune with your restaurant's ambiance, colors, and brand. 

2. Font selection

AKA typography, the font style, needs to be easy to read yet visually appealing. A quick tip is to choose no more than two font styles, but it is recommended to go with one font.

3. Organizing your menu categories

Menu categories determine the visual flow of your menu. An example of this would be featuring your appetizers first, 

featured new items, and lunch. Sprinkled into this arrangement could be a signature drinks insert.

4. Incorporating your logo  

Your logo and how it is included with the menu design is crucial. Many times, the logo is added cleanly to the front and back of your menu design. Free, optional logo design is included with every restaurant menu design that we do.

5. Optimizing colors

The right selection of colors for your menu design is what will maximize readability while adding a visually engaging touch. High contrasting colors, such as black on white, always work well. Another tip is to incorporate your brands and logo colors into the selection. This will enhance your brand and set you apart from the competition.


6. Incorporate Images

If used correctly, you can dramatically increase sales of your highest margin food items, dessert, and drinks. Always remember, too many images can be distracting and overcrowd your menu design.


7. Add CTA

Call to actions such as carry out, delivery options, and loyalty programs are must-haves for menu design. These items can increase your sales and keep your customers coming back.

8. Review and Update

Once you have your restaurant menu design, sleep on it, then review 24 hours later. This will help you catch missed things or details. Another suggestion is to have close friends and family do a review and gather feedback.

9. Finalize then Promote

After several revisions, your menu design will be done, and you can send it to the printers! Make sure to upload your new menu to your website and all social media platforms, so the public is notified.

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