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cafe menu templates


Cafe Menu Templates are the best starting point to get your cafe menu design! From eloquently showcasing your bakery items to promoting your seasonal coffee drinks, cafe menu templates will take your cafe to the next level!

Cafe Menu Templates

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About Cafe Menu Templates

Your Cafe Menu template is going to be one of the essential parts of your Cafe restaurant. Your menu is what your guests will see when making purchasing decisions. It is a direct reflection of your brand. How your Cafe menu template items are written will also play a role in what you sell.

Let's now go over these 6 cafe menu template design tips.

1. Up-to-date menu

Before you start even worrying about how your cafe restaurant menu design will look, first do an in-depth review of your menu items. Make sure the items are all accurate with proper names and descriptions. Review your food costs as well to ensure you are making the margins you want.

2. Menu item descriptions

There is nothing like a unique, well-written description. A strong description sets your cafe menu template apart, builds value in the items, and will help you to charge more!

3. Branding and theme

Another important aspect of your cafe restaurant menu template is the colors you use. For example, if your logo is black and blue, don't go with a red and yellow cafe menu template. Your menu must include your logo colors to re-emphasize your image.

4. Readilbity

When doing the design, it is essential that you set up the layout in an easy-to-read fashion. This means not overstuffing each cafe menu template page with too many items, using tiny font sizes, or hard to read typeface. 

Go with unique yet easy-to-read font styles and make sure to use the proper font size. 

5. Items per page

Another common mistake is jamming one hundred plus items per menu page. This looks sloppy and is hard to read. When setting up your design, look at keeping the layout well-balanced. Make sure to set your menu in nice and clean categories and not list more than fifty items per page.

6. Food photography

People buy with their eyes. So when placing HD food images of your highest margin dishes, desserts, drinks, and appetizers in your menu, you will be able to place particular focus around those items. Consider hiring food photography professionals to get the best images that are sharp and stand out!

Getting Started

From classy cafe menu layouts to chalkboard cafe menu designs, cafe menu templates will help you open with a bang! Our team of custom menu designers will work closely with you to create the perfect cafe menu template that is visually charming and true to your brand.


To get started, select the cafe menu template style that you like and make the cafe menu design purchase. Upon placing your order, you will receive an email to click to upload your word document, spreadsheet, or PDF menu of items and prices.


From there, we will analyze your menu and create proof. Once made, we will send you the proof to review and provide feedback. This proof and revision process goes on until you are 100% satisfied with the design and approval.

After approval, we will finalize your cafe menu template design, then send you all files, including the original design files.

Cafe Menu Design

Your Cafe Menu template will be a critical part of your business. As soon as a customer sees your menu, they decide whether or not they want to buy from you. You can use it as a direct statement of your company's identity. Writing your Cafe menu template items in a way that encourages customers to buy will also have an impact on sales. ​

Let's take a look at these six suggestions for creating a café menu.

1. Menu Review

Before you begin designing the menu for your cafe business, conduct a thorough review of all of the items on your menu. Make absolutely sure all of the items have the appropriate titles and descriptions. To ensure that you're achieving the profitability you want, keep a close eye on your food costs. ​

2. How Your Menu Items

A very well, one-of-a-kind description is tough to beat. If each item on your cafe menu template has a well-written explanation, it will grab the attention of the pack!

3. Branding & Theme

It's important to pay attention to the colors you use when making a cafe restaurant menu. If your company's colors are black and blue, don't choose a brilliantly colored cafe menu template. It's important to use the same colors from your logo on your menu as the rest of your marketing materials to reinforce your brand.

4. Readability

When designing, it's crucial to have the layout set up such that it's easy to read. Don't jam too many items onto a single page or use fonts that are too tiny or difficult to see in your cafe menu template. Do not forget about the appropriate font size while using unique but easy-to-read typefaces.

5. Make Sure You Don't Overstuff Your Page

It is common for restaurants to put more than a hundred items on a single menu. To make matters worse, it's impossible to follow up with this. Keep in mind that your layout ought to be well-balanced when you're designing it. Each page of your menu should have no more than 50 items on it, as a matter of thumb.

6. Images

It's all about perspective. It is possible to draw emphasis to profitable goods by including high-quality images of these things in your menu. Make sure your images are clear and appealing by hiring a professional food photographer!

Quick Start for Cafe Template Design

There are a range of menu templates for cafes offered in a multitude of styles, from beautiful to simple. In order to generate the ideal cafe menu template for your brand, our team of custom menu designers will work directly with you.

The first step is to find a cafe menu template you like and buy it. As soon as you've placed your purchase, you'll get an email with a link that you can use to submit the goods and prices you've listed in a word document, spreadsheet, or PDF.

Next, we'll review your menu and gather evidence. Let us know what you think when you've had a chance to review the proof. In order to assure your complete happiness with the final product, we will make as many proofs and adjustments as necessary.

After your cafe menu template design is approved, you will receive all files, including the original design files.

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