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Top 25 menu template ideas

The Ultimate 25 Menu

Template Ideas

Restaurant menu templates come in various styles, themes, and styles. When you need to find the right menu template, it comes down to first identifying your restaurant's image and, most importantly, the look that you want your menu to look like.

Menu Template Examples

Continue reading to discover the top 25 menu template designs and how they can be used

to impact sales while creating remarkable experiences that customers remember.

Burger Menu Templates

1. Burger Menu Templates

If you're known for your burgers then, burger menu templates are the right match for you. Available in many different styles, classic to retro and fun, burger menu templates can be creatively designed to


  • Showcase your signature burgers

  • Upsell add one like extra bacon for $.99

  • Cross-sell milkshakes or root beer floats

  • Increase average ticket sales with make it a combo for $2.99 more

  • Increase special appetizer sales

2. Fast-Casual Restaurant Menu Templates

One of today's hottest and fastest-growing restaurant segments, fast-casual restaurants offer a modern yet quick turn around dining experience that offers high quality yet affordable meals.


To add appeal, fast-casual menu templates can be designed in a simple yet visually engaging manner that stimulates your taste buds. Use your quick casual menu template to:


  • Create a unique and memorable brand image

  • Superbly showcase your most popular items

  • Remind guests of your carry out and Car side to-go options

  • Drive social media awareness

  • Promote your ordering mobile app

Fast Casual Menu Templates
Pizza Menu Templates

3. Pizza Menu Templates

There is nothing like a good pizza! Take your menu to the next level with a slick pizza menu template that demands attention and sets you apart from other pizzerias in town.


From tri-fold menus to dine menus, pizza restaurant menus will give you the edge needed to maximize your profits if designed right.


  • Spotlight your family-style pizza deals

  • Advertise deals of the day and week

  • Upsell breadstick and appetizer sales

  • Incorporate mouth-watering pizza images

  • Correctly promote delivery and carry out

4. Coffee Shop Menu Templates

Set the ambiance and mood with a creatively designed coffee shop menu template that eloquently lists your coffees, macchiatos, bakery items, and specialty drinks.


From classic chalkboard to a flashy yet simple design, use coffee shop menu templates to create the image you need.


  • Subtly upsell that extra shot of espresso

  • Promote upcoming events and promotions

  • Advertise seasonal and holiday drinks

  • Feature high margin specialty breakfast sandwiches

Coffee Menu Templates
BBQ Menu Templates

5. BBQ Menu Templates

Backyard to southern, create the perfect BBQ menu template that fits your brand and BBQ style. From a clean black on white high contrasting theme to flames of the grill, you have many fun and edgy design options that will surely be crowd leaders.


  • Create value and include your pitmasters story

  • Promote your catering options

  • Cross-sell sides and desserts

  • Include stunning BBQ meat platter images

  • Upsell BBQ sauces and seasoning rubs

6. Deli Menu Templates

Perfect for on-the-go guests, deli menu templates need to be designed for easy and quick reading in a memorable fashion. Neatly organize your deli menu categories into concise and sharp sections that captivate and properly sell more of your higher-margin items.


  • Showcase your specialty salads

  • Cross-sell your sides of soup or chili

  • Drive demand with pictures of your signature corn-beef sandwiches

  • Promote carry out and catering 

  • Offer daily lunch specials

Deli Menu Templates
Italian Menu Templates.jpg

7. Italian Restaurant Menu Templates

From Italian to family-style, Italian restaurant menu templates are your key to creating unforgettable dining memories. Creatively include the classic red, white, and green colors into the menu or go with a modern, sophisticated look and feel. You have a lot of design flexibility with Italian restaurant menu templates.


  • Showcase your wood oven pizzas

  • Upsell the hand wrapped mozzarella sticks

  • Tell the story of your chef and restaurant cooking history

  • Promote daily specials

  • Include wine lists that include good with suggestions

8. Mexican Restaurant Menu Templates

Trendy or original Mexican restaurant menu templates offer a wide variety of unique branding options. From colorful and bold designs to sophisticated yet clean, Mexican restaurant templates can beautifully drive sales with innovative design.


  • Spotlight fancy margarita drinks

  • Upsell table-side freshly made guacamole bowls

  • Feature signature family recipe dishes

  • Promote daily deals and specials

  • Include images of your incredible aside street tacos meal

Mexican Food Menu Templates
Steak Menu Templates

9. Steak Restaurant Menu Templates

Chic and classy steakhouse menu templates bring a level of creativity and flair to your steakhouse's image. From a formal design to simplistic steakhouse menu templates are one of the funniest themes to design for!


  • Feature astonishing images of that tasty high margin New York strip

  • Promote your prime rib special

  • Upsell to a lobster tail to go with that steak!

  • Cross-sell the perfect glass of red wine 

  • Add a bio and image of your chef

10. Chinese Restaurant Menu Templates

Chinese menu templates are frequently a combination of numerous items with extensive descriptions and images. A well balanced Chinese menu template can bring a whole new level of clarity and sales demand if laid out correctly.


  • Limelight lunch and dinner combos

  • Promote weekly buffet options

  • Drive carry out and delivery sales

  • Include high contrasting colors for improved visibility

Chinese Food Menu Templates
Breakfast Restaurant Menu Templates

11. Breakfast Menu Templates

Transform your pancakes house; breakfast menu template into a work of art! Use menu templates to create a warm and welcoming ambiance that drives repeat business while beautifully showcasing your breakfast menu.


  • Share the story of your kitchen

  • Spotlight your signature waffles and pancakes

  • Promote special holiday items and deals

  • Upsell coffee drinks and add-ons like extra sausage

12. Chalkboard Menu Templates

Perfect for bars, cafes, and classic-style restaurants, chalkboard menu templates offer an original look that is visually engaging and clean. Neatly set up menu categories that are organized and easy to read.


  • Create charming drink menus that feature a vintage style

  • Add shapes and lines to highlight items

  • Fuse images that pop from the chalkboard background

  • Weave-in bold typography headers that grab attention and bring depth

Chalkboard Menu Templates
Cocktail Drink Menu Templates

13. Drink Menu Templates

Drink menu templates are a great way to drive sales of your high margin cocktails. Drink menu templates can be used as menu inserts or table-topper menus for guests to see. 


  • List out your on-tap and bottled beers

  • Upsell masterpiece mixed drinks and margaritas

  • Offer drink suggestions based on menu item types

  • List out your wine options with detailed descriptions

  • Feature happy hour specials and promotions

14. Seafood Menu Templates

Set the tone with seafood restaurant templates. From simple aqua blue on black seafood menus to an original ocean theme, you can incorporate both illustrations and textured backdrops to create a unique menu template.


  • Eloquently showcase daily fresh specials

  • Promote private parties and event banquets

  • Gracefully feature specialty desserts

  • Upsell glasses of wines that complement items

  • Include stunning imagery of your high margin lobster tails

Seafood Menu Templates
Salad Menu Templates

15. Salad Menu Templates

Salad menus are the perfect solution for showcasing your freshly made salads, wraps, and other healthy dining dishes. There is nothing fresher than a clean layout that allows for proper spacing with vivid colors that are easy to read and straight forward.


  • Highlight key organic ingredients

  • Design stunning build your own salads menu layout

  • Upsell avocado, goat cheese, and other premium toppings

  • Encourage half bowl of soups + salad meals

16. Fried Chicken Menu Templates

If designed correctly, fried chicken menu templates can be beautifully laid out in various configurations that express your brand in a fun, classic, and unique way. Fried chicken menu templates can be arranged to match your chicken restaurant's colors and image while helping you create sales.


  • Show off your top-selling buckets of chicken

  • Upsell additional sides like mac and cheese

  • Feature family meal deals

  • Bring attention to special wing combos

  • Drive awareness to your carryout specials

Fried Chicken Menu Templates
Sushi Menu Templates

17. Sushi Menu Templates

From striking visuals to sophisticated and modern menus, sushi menu templates will allow you to display your sushi menu elegantly. Use sushi menu templates to perfectly express your items in an appealing manner that is easy to read, highlighting your signature sushi items.


  • Increase your miso soup sales

  • Share your tempura options 

  • Showcase your specials cocktails

  • Spotlight your fusion twist on sushi

  • Include delicious professional images of food to create appeal

18. Catering Menu Templates

Catering menu templates is your key to continued catering success. Please keep it simple yet elegant, or go big with bold colors and typography to differentiate your catering menu template from the competition.


  • Offer special catering deals for large gatherings and events

  • Show off how your food is delivered and packaged

  • Include specials discounts for specific catering packages

  • Add clear descriptions of the items and flavor to drive demand

  • Add social media call to attention to grow your online presence

Catering Menu Templates
Hot Dog Menu Templates

19. Hotdog Menu Templates

There is nothing like a good hot dog! Design a hot dog menu template that offers the classic American charm or go modern with a high design that reflects dynamic flavors. 


  • Spotlight your sizzling exclusive hotdog creations

  • Include mouth-watering descriptions that get your taste buds going

  • Add professionally taken images of your highest margin items

  • Upsell specialty appetizers

  • Advertise your loyalty and rewards programs

20. Vegan Menu Templates

Create freshly designed vegan menu templates that are contemporary and minimalist. Include high contrasting pastels with shades of green to highlight your healthy options.


  • Beautifully highlight key organic ingredients used

  • Feature dishes that are locally sourced

  • Upsell your new plant-based burgers

  • Cross-sell sides and add-ons

  • Promote curbside pick up

Vegan Menu Templates
Family Restaurant Menu Templates

21. Family Restaurant Menu Templates

Family style restaurant menu templates are a combination of casual dining options that are infused with a laid back fun ambiance. Family style menu templates are available in many food types themes, and if set up correctly, will take your restaurant to the next level.


  • Showcase your classic meals

  • Upsell that double brownie dessert

  • Highlight your signature dips and sauces

  • Create specialized kids menus

  • Customize your menu template theme to match your brand

22. Fine Dining Menu Templates

Fine dining menu templates are vital in maintaining your image for luxury style dining. From elegantly designed layouts to detailed yet easy to reads descriptions, your fine dining menu templates need to scream grandeur.


  • Set the tone of excellence with stylish design

  • Provide expressive item descriptions that read gusto

  • Create a feeling of white-glove service and cooking

  • Include Chef biographies

Fine Dining Menu Templates
Cafe Menu Template

23. Café Menu Templates

Cafe menu template designs need to be clean and visually engaging. Your cafe menu items need to be nicely laid out for easy reading.

  • Spotlight your new seasonal bakery items

  • Create a featured items section

  • Add a QR code for phone scanning of the cafe menu template

24. Fast Food Menu Templates

Known for speed and low costs, set your fast food menu templates up in an easy to read format allowing for quick ordering. Keep it simple yet clean; you can use fast menu templates to create a brand image that is rare and appealing.


  • List out your combos

  • Upsell shakes and extra toppings

  • Include images of high margin items

Fast Food Menu Templates
American Food Menu Templates

25. American Food Menu Templates

From classic double bacon burgers to mango shrimp American food menu templates are one of today's most popular menu template types!

  • Showcase signature items and meals

  • Upsell signature cocktail specialty drinks

  • Promote loyalty program and carryout 

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