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10 Jaw-Dropping Fast Food Menu Template Ideas

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

How your menu is designed, the colors you use, and where the images are placed will play a major role in how your fast food restaurant is perceived. So when it comes to setting up your fast food menu template make sure to take the time and have it done right. Lets now look at 10 examples.

fast food menu templates

1. Fast Food Burger Menu Template

This elegant yet contemporary fast food restaurant menu template can help you boost your sales. The pure baseline colors and outstanding brightness of the lettering make reading the menu a breeze. In addition, a custom-designed header was used to arrange the menu, allowing for the best utilization of culinary imagery for premium products.

free fast food menu template

2. Fast Food Quick Serve Menu Template

Go big or go home with these stunning fast food restaurant menu templates. This menu flows beautifully with well-chosen wording, bold colors, eye-catching graphics, and a simple ordering process. With a featured offers area, you may list all of your combinations and specials!

Our team of expert menu template designers can help you create a fast-food menu template. The design will include all of the menu items, details, photos, logo, and branding for your business.

Fast Food Quick Serve Menu Template

3. Free Fast Food Menu Template Design

This fast-food menu template is evident and straightforward due to the beautiful combination of crispy components. Your high-margin fast food is beautifully displayed, with plenty of areas to add tasty images of your food!

To create the ideal fast food menu, you can collaborate with our in-house custom menu design template designers. Your menu's complete design, including photographs, logos, and branding, will be utilized.

fast food combo menu templates

4. Classic Fast Food Menu Templates

This contemporary menu template has an artisanal flair and can help your restaurant go from good to exceptional. Your menu sections are presented in a clear, convenient format. Use eye-catching photos of your excellent items to adorn your higher-margin products.

Our team of expert menu template designers can help you create a fast-food menu template. All of your restaurant's colors, logo, menu items, and photographs will be included in the design.

burger fast food menu template

5. Menu Designs for Fast Food Templates

This high-end yet vintage fast food menu design is ideal for any occasion and will wow your visitors. Use larger-than-life images of your most popular products to enhance your aesthetic value. In addition, your menu will be presented in a simple, easy-to-read text format that is devoid of distracting visuals.

In partnership with our team of fast food menu designers, create a new menu template. The design will include everything you need to manage your restaurant, including the menu, price points, colors, and logo.

fast food combo menu templates

6. Quick Service Fast Food Menu Templates

This fast food quick service menu template does a fantastic job by going above and beyond! Because of the visually striking, high-contrast color scheme, your food items shine out on the menu, making it easy to read. Include delectable, freshly photographed food photographs in your adverts to focus on your highest margin items and increase profits.

Select a modern fast food menu template from our menu template designers and give it to your customers. All of your restaurant's branding, logo, menu items, and photographs will be incorporated into the design.

take out menu template flyer

7. Fast Food Takeout Menu Templates

This menu template mixes a classic feel with a modern design. A clean and basic color palette will make your menu items pop. Include fresh visuals of your highest margin items to increase sales.

Create a professional, fast food menu template with the help of our talented menu template designers. The design will embrace every aspect of your company.

fast food chicken wings menu template

8. Modern Fastfood Menu Template

Make a lasting impact by utilizing this original fast food menu design. This menu design will wonderfully display your menu items and offers. Include Images of scrumptious 4k food and drink pictures that should be used to pitch your new items to whet your guests' appetites.

Create a fantastic fast food menu template with the help of our team of expert fast food menu template designers. Each aspect of your brand will be represented in the design, including colors, logos, menu items, and food imagery.