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Fast casual digital menu boards

The Absolute Guide to Digital Menus

Learn the in’s & out’s of digital menu boards! From designing your restaurant menu template to set up your digital menu TV’s this guide will give you the knowledge you need to set up the perfect digital menu board system!

Digital menu board display tvs

An effective digital menu board solution, we will help you:


  • Easily set up an effective and reliable digital menu board system

  • Create professionally designed ROI driven menus

  • Sell more food and high margin drinks, appetizers, and desserts

  • Create engaging and visually stunning menu board layouts

  • Upload your menu items, prices, and descriptions

  • Add food image slideshows and motion graphics

  • Remotely create and manage your menus from anywhere


Create Beautiful Digital Menu Board Layouts


How your digital menu template is laid out and its readability is critical. 


Keeping a clean and an organized menu will decrease wait lines and help you spotlight new items.


Included is a complete library of premium menu templates to choose from and customize:


  • Chalkboard

  • Coffee and Cafe

  • Pizza 

  • Mexican Food

  • Smoothie

  • BBQ

  • Cafeteria

  • Fast Casual

  • Meal Combos


A No Strings Attached Solution


It is simple. No credit card is needed to sign up, and you don't have to sign a contract.


You don't have to buy Hardware or be locked into anything.


The trial will let you test run digital menu boards, allowing you to see firsthand.


Any company can sell you a cheap, one-time-cost media player and promise you the world, but we'd like you to test it out yourself, without ever having to buy a thing.


How Much Will This Cost Me?


All of our plans come with:


  • Digital menu board software

  • Digital menu board templates

  • Ability to create, edit and manage your menu

  • Royalty-free library of food images and background

  • Menu text, image, video, and specials ticker widgets

  • Dayparting digital menu scheduling system

  • Display monitoring and proof of play




  • A dedicated menu board specialist

  • Onboarding support

  • Quickstart training

  • After-sale assistance

  • Online training videos

  • User guides

  • Unlimited web demos

  • US-based Monday - Friday phone support

  • 24/7 email support


What's Next?


If you're new to digital menu boards, you may:


  • Not know how many TVs or the size you need

  • Not know how to get your menu on the TV

  • Not understand the technical side of things

  • Need help with getting your menu designed

  • Are not sure what to purchase


If you have one of these questions, we can help you. 


Quick Start Menu Review


Send us a copy of your menu, and we can do a free review and answer all of your questions.


Items that we can go over with you:


  • Provide suggestions on what size TV you need

  • Preview optimal menu design examples

  • Show you how to create and update the menus

  • Review the setup steps



What Is Available?


When searching for digital menu boards you will come across two options:


  1. “Media player” boxes that are one time cost around $249, and it comes with little to no support

  2. “Commercial-grade digital signs” are on average $975 each and do not come with digital menu software



So What do I need?


You're a restaurant owner. You specialize in the food business, not digital menu boards.


We believe that you need:


  • A cost-effective solution that is easy to use and reliable

  • A company that answers your questions right away

  • A low-cost way to get started 


What Can We Do for You?


We can offer you a free 30-day trial that will help you get your digital menus up and running the same day.

If you need a custom design with a menu template that is professionally done and visually stunning, we offer flat-rate, low-cost packages. 

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