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What is digital menu board software?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Learn how you can use digital menu board software to directly increase your food sales, dramatically improve your guest's experience, and streamline the way you display your menu. All you need is a computer to get started, and you can use any size or brand tv.

The basics of digital menu software

Digital menu board software is a tool used to design, edit and manage your digital menu boards. We are not referring to PowerPoint digital menu templates or Word Document Menu Templates, but rather a specially crafted digital menu design software that will give you all the tools needed to design your digital menu boards with:

  • Create, edit and customize your digital menu boards layout

  • Easily add your items, descriptions, and images

  • Preschedule dayparting menus to autoplay on defined times, like lunch and dinner

  • Set up rotating ads or videos of your food

  • Make on the fly updates to your digital menus

digital menu boards software
Turnkey Digital Menu Board Software Solutions

Key Advantages of Digital Menu Board Software

If your looking for an easy and fast way to set up your digital menu, then menu board software is for you. A good platform will come with a variety of customizable templates that you can start from. Once your menu design is done, you will be able to send your menu wirelessly to any tv. We'll talk more about it later on below.

  • Upload your menu PDF or design a menu

  • Easily upload your videos or images

  • Use any PC, laptop, or MAC

  • The updates download via WiFi and will play right away on your TV

  • Update a single screen or groups screens using digital menu software

Setting Up Your Digital Menu But are Design

Using the included customizable digital menu board templates, you can quickly type in your items, add scrolling custom text tickers that feature daily specials, all while being able to completely adjust the overall arrangement of the layout of the menus.

What type of displays and hardware will I need?

The tvs or the easy part. Any size or brand tv will work. If you have an existing tv, you can also use that. For size, go with anything 43" and bigger.

Free tip: 25 items or less will fit perfectly on one tv. Use that as a guide to how many tvs you will need to nicely for your digital menu, so it's easy to read.

Connected to the tv, will be a digital signage menu board player. A small 4" x 4" x 1" box connects via HDMI and to the internet via WiFi. That box is what will download and play your digital menu on.

Free tip: a good box will cost you around $99 each, a one-time cost.

I want digital menus but don't know how to start.

If you don't understand what digital menu board software is or how to set up your digital menu boards, we can help you. From custom designing your digital menu template to set up your system for turnkey success, we can help you with it all. We offer low-cost menu design packages and reliable digital menu board software that you will easily use.

If you don't know where to start, let us know. We can offer you free expert advice and help you get your digital menu boards set up today!

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