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The Best Menu Template and Design Ideas in 2022!

A restaurant menu is an important marketing tool for restaurants. The design of the menu can make or break your business. Restaurants in 2022 need to make sure their menus are visually attractive, easy to read, straightforward, and to invite.

A restaurant's menu design is an integral part of its brand, but it can also be challenging to design. Several factors go into the design of a restaurant's menu, including the food quality, the mood you want to have in your restaurant, and what your competition is doing.

If you plan to open a new restaurant in 2022, it is essential to note what others in your area are doing when designing your menu template. You should not be too similar or too different; instead, you should find the perfect balance between creativity and familiarity for both customers and employees.

best menu templates

Custom Menu Template Design

Custom menu design is a popular and effective way to promote your restaurant and its dishes. With the help of a professional menu designer, it will also be easier to achieve that goal.

A custom restaurant menu design is what most people think of when considering a new menu design. Custom menus are designed according to customers' needs and preferences. A company usually starts with a basic template that can be customized to include fonts, graphic elements, colors, and graphics in any way the customer wants. The result will be a product that perfectly reflects that customer's brand identity in physical and digital mediums.

A restaurant menu design is an advertisement for the restaurant's food, and it should reflect the kind of ambiance that the restaurant wants to portray. The design should also be easy to read, and the navigation should be straightforward.

menu template 2022 design ideas

Exploring the Benefits Custom Menu Design

Some restaurants are starting to use custom menu designs with higher prices to differentiate themselves from other restaurants. Custom menu design is also beneficial for restaurants that offer specials or seasonal dishes not found on different menus.

Custom menu design can be expensive, but it can also be a good investment. It will help you attract more customers and increase your profit margins.

Menu templates are an excellent way to save money on custom menu design. However, they will not always make the best impression on customers, and it is essential to keep this in mind when deciding which type of restaurant menu design to use. So why should you consider custom menu design?

  • Menu design is an essential and complex process

  • Many different factors come into deciding how the menu should be designed.

  • The first thing you need to consider is what kind of food you serve. Is it fine dining or pub fare? Is it pizza or sushi? This will give you a good idea of what kind of design your menu needs.

Making your menu using templates

Restaurant menu design is a critical factor in the success of the restaurant. To get customers to spend more, managers also need to look at the design of the menu. The use of templates for restaurant menus has become increasingly popular in recent years. With templates, managers can create professional-looking menus without any knowledge of graphic design.

menu design template ideas for restaurants

Utilizing restaurant menu template to get started

Menu templates can benefit restaurants with no budget for custom designs. But they will not be able to get the same effects as custom-designed menus. However, they can still get you some new customers, especially if they are on a tight budget or just starting a business.

Menu templates are a great way to get started with your new restaurant menu design. When you are not sure what method would go best with your food, you can use these templates. They are purpose-built for restaurants, and they will give your business that professional look.

If you want to go the custom route, that is possible too. You will have to spend some time designing it, though, which can be challenging if you are not someone who is used to graphic design work.

Free Menu Design Templates in 2022

To create a custom restaurant menu, some popular tools allow for easy template creation and customization, including Square Menu Creator, Pixlr, and Canva Menu Design Kit.

2022 menu template ideas

Setting up your menu template in 2022

When it comes to menu design, there are many different factors that you need to consider. You'll want to think about the layout, fonts, colors, and text that needs to go onto the menu.

To start with, it's essential to pick an appropriate layout for your menu. There are a few different options available for this. Your first option is to go with a classic restaurant-style menu - these typically include columns of food items and prices. Another option is to use a more creative layout where your dishes flow down the page in order of course (i.e., appetizers first followed by entrees).

The design of a restaurant menu template is made up of three sections:

  • Header: this section will say what items are available in the restaurant.

  • Main: this section will give you descriptions of what each dish consists of, and there will also be photos.

  • Footer: This section will tell you pricing information such as prices per dish or person, and there may also be other information such as hours that the restaurant is open or contact information.

Let's take a look at different restaurant menu types!

best carry out menu templates 2022

Carry Out Menu Template Design

A well-designed carryout menu template can play a vital role in your sales. A carryout menu is what your customers will remember you by. By taking the time to set up, a well-thought-out carry our menu template; you will be able to maximize your sales efforts, increase customer loyalty, and take your carryout business to the next level. Popular carryout menu designs include tri-fold carryout and one-page double-sided carryout menus.

vintage menu template

Vintage Menu Template Design

This antique, Coca-Cola-style menu template evokes a sense of nostalgia for the 1950s! This vintage menu template is simple and easy to read, including the ideal balance of space, color, and organization into the menu design. Additionally, it offers a three-column style that neatly categorizes the part, facilitating menu reading and navigation.

Collaborate with our vintage menu designers to create the ideal menu design that is crisp, unique, and clean! For a fixed charge, we will produce a unique menu design that meets your branding standards and integrates your logo, photos, and items.


Latin Restaurant Template Ideas

This Latin restaurant menu template is visually stunning and perfect, and it hits all the right notes! It elegantly highlights your menu items and makes use of eye-catching, contrasting color choices, making the Latin menu template simple to read and engaging for your customers.

The menu zones are clearly color-coded, and the menu is broken down into simple category divisions that are easy to understand. After that, upgrade to digital menu boards and incorporate sections with zones of enticing photographs and videos to draw attention to your main high-margin items, which should be highlighted on the menu board.

Work with our Latin Restaurant menu designers to create the ideal menu design that will help you sell more food!

best soul food menu templates

Soul Food Menu Template

This soul food menu template is short and to the point, and it is simple to read and understand. Because the menu sections are appropriately displayed from a visual aspect, your clients will be able to easily locate the meal item that suits their needs. Include image sections to help raise awareness about your signature menu items on your website. Make use of the Soul Food Menu Sample to breathe new life into your menu design! Southern-themed restaurants and soul cuisine establishments will benefit from this menu design.

mexican menu templates 2022

Mexican Menu Template Templates

This Mexican Food Menu Template can help you make a great first impression with your guests. An image-heavy design with a grayish backdrop highlights your restaurant's competence. Your catering menu items can be highlighted and promoted using the Mexican Catering Menu template.

Make your menu stand out by using the Mexican Restaurant Menu template. This restaurant menu keeps things simple with a column of menu items followed by photos of your kitchen's distinctive dishes. The textured border of this design makes it stand out from the others.

The Fresh Mexican Menu digital menu board design will make your Mexican food stand out on the page. This classic design is topped with a white background and tan writing. Divide your menu items with large bold headings. Photos of your culinary creations will pop against this backdrop.

Coffee Shop Menu Templates

With this coffee shop menu design, you can show off your menu design in a big and bold way! This rustic design has a wood background and a dark frame. When your coffee options are written in white, they stand out on the page. The elegant and traditional menu is sure to make people swoon. The white words stand out because they are in bold black. Coffee shops and cafes will love this coffee menu template.

With the Digital Menu Board for Coffee shops, you can make your coffee menu look a little more rustic by putting it on the wall. In this simple but sophisticated menu design, the brown and rough background makes it look like it was made in the present day. Menu items are shown in two columns, and then there are a few short photo sections that give you a sense of what your drinks will look and taste like. Use the Basic Coffee Menu template to quickly make a new menu. An easy-to-follow design with bold headlines for each part is made from linen paper.

best cafe menu template

Cafe Restaurant Menu Designs

Having a cafe-restaurant is a full-time job; therefore, let us help you out by providing you with the Dynamic Cafe Menu template! Using a white background with a clean accent for your beverages section, this modern cafe menu design is perfect for your hunger. Your customers' guests will look forward to a nice meal when they see photographs of luscious sandwiches and burgers.

The Cafe Menu design can give your customers a rush even if they don't drink any coffee. Images of creamy coffee at every stage of production are included in this modern cafe restaurant menu template so consumers can see the quality of their preferred beverages. An easy-to-read font makes it simple to navigate the menu.

Pick up a Cafe Food Menu template and show off your delectable breakfast options! The wooden background of this menu's design is illustrations, and the text is shown on top of it in a basic font.


Fast Food Menu Templates

Are you looking for a menu that will stand out from the crowd? Try out the Fast Food Burgers Menu template and see how it works for you. A wide image space at the top of the page allows you to display your most meaty burger. Because of its size and clarity, this dynamic design is perfectly suited for fast-food restaurants, but it is also versatile enough to be used in a variety of other establishments.

This fast-food-style menu design offers a soft textured background with huge images of your specialty foods placed within each area of your menu, creating a welcoming atmosphere for your customers. This menu would be ideal for a burger joint, fast food restaurant, diner, or casual restaurant of any style.

With a fast-food-style menu template, you can infuse flavor into your menu design while improving the way you sell. The use of a tan background and orange headings makes navigating this restaurant's menu enjoyable and straightforward. Two visually arresting photos of vibrant burgers provide a sneak peek into your delectable dining experience.

You don't have to look any further since the Fast Food Bar Burger Menu template is here to help you out. This restaurant menu design features a light wood background that matches wonderfully with orange headers to provide a modern image for the establishment. The front page of this design is adorned with three vibrant photos of burgers, providing a sneak preview of your unrivaled eating experience to come.


Pizzeria Menu Templates

With the Pizza Palace Menu template, you can treat your customers like kings and queens. There's a dark-colored background with peach text headers and white text below that says "menu."

When you use the Pizzeria Menu template, you can make a menu in no time. This simple design has a white and clean backdrop that differentiates your menu sections. Images of your pizzas are a great opportunity to show off any areas of expertise that you have.

This Pizza Menu Example is a template that you can use to enhance your advertising. This modern restaurant menu has a colorful category that displays off the best part of your menu: pizza. Three images on the front page show your customers what they're getting, so they can see what they're getting before they buy it from you.

There is an entertaining way to make your dine-in menus look better. If you run a pizza shop, this Pizza Menu template will be a great addition. With brilliant, vibrant colors and a cool font, this menu is sure to make sure to get your customer's appetites going.

A menu can come in many different shapes and sizes, but this Pizzeria Menu template is one of the more beautiful ones. This contemporary menu for a restaurant shows banner images of toppings, salads, and pizzas, which all show the wide variety of flavors and styles you can expect when you eat there. Customers will feel like they're at home when they see red headers and black text on a tan background.


Vegan Menu Design Template

Make your vegan menu design more appealing by using the Upscale Vegan Menu template! This elegant vegan restaurant menu is comprised of two simple columns of text, each of which includes photographs of your most popular dishes. The clean and uncluttered design gives this menu a modern and fresh feel. Adding imagery, changing fonts, inserting logos, switching colors, and other menu customizations are quick and simple with our drag-and-drop menu builder.

Use the Upscale Vegan Menu template to spruce up your vegan menu design! Two basic columns of text and photographs emphasize your best items in this classy vegan menu. This menu's clean design lends a contemporary feel.

best salad menu templates

Salad Menu Design Templates

Use a fresh Salad Menu template to meet your menu salad menu design demands and boost your brand awareness! The abundance of veggie images on this new salad menu design will entice health-conscious diners to try your delectable menu items. Customers will have no trouble finding the things they're looking for thanks to the clean, black lettering.

The zoomed-in shot of a leaf on the left edge of this brilliant green template makes it ideal for salad-focused restaurants and cafés.

Eating your greens is good for you, and using the salad Menu template from Menu Design Group is good for your restaurant, too! Greenery bezels adorn this verdant restaurant menu design, giving your clients the impression that they're dining in the middle of the forest. The menu's white background and black writing make it easy to read for everyone, so consumers can concentrate on their meal instead of the menu.

best deli menu templates

Deli Menu Designs and Templates

Are you looking for a cafe menu design that will leave your customers salivating? If this is the case, our Deli Menu template is excellent for your deli cafe restaurant. Our deli menu template This menu's color scheme will pique the interest of your diners and help you sell more.

This stunning Deli Menu template will help ease some of the burden on your shoulders as a restaurant owner. For your thirsty, just arrived customers, this white backdrop with a green overlay on your drinks area makes the appropriate deli menu design for your trendy restaurant. Images of luscious sandwiches and burgers will pique the appetites of your diners.

best bbq menu templates

BBQ Menu Templates and Design

A clean and catchy BBQ Menu template is a great way to spice up your BBQ restaurant food sales. With its brown background and charcoal graphics, this design is ideal for restaurants serving barbeque meals, whether southern-style or backyard BBQ style.

Use a BBQ Menu design to create a menu that will put the competitors to shame! This menu's creamy lettering contrasts beautifully with the red bandana border. Add images of your grilled specialties to entice your audience.

Red and light blue highlights explode off the white background of this modern restaurant menu design, drawing clients' attention to the delectable dishes on the menu. Grilled food on the top page will make your customers drool with desire!

best smoothie menu templates

Smoothie Menu Design and Templates

They are trying to come up with a smoothie menu template that would please everyone? That's where our Smoothie Menu designs come in handy! Whether you're in the mood for a strawberry smoothie or a strawberry milkshake, this menu design is sure to please. As soon as they see your tasty drinks, customers will place an order.

The Customizable Smoothie Menu is a great way to update your smoothie menu style! This lively smoothie menu design contains a yellow border with fruit graphics and photographs of your most popular juices and smoothies. Juice and smoothie shops, as well as cafes, will find this menu quite useful.

Using the Smoothie Menu template, you can make ordering a breeze for your clients! For a juice bar with a modest but high-quality selection of smoothies, this vivid restaurant menu is perfect — the menu listings are structured in a single column with a purple font that will pique the interest of your clients.

best bar menu template

Bar Menus and Templates

Create a menu like a pro by using the Bar Menu Ideas template. It features a simple background with big headers that introduce your beverage options. You may entice customers to order by posting pictures of your cocktails online.

Using the brewery beer menu template from the Menu Design Group, you can brew some marketing success! Your patrons will be drooling over these eye-catching images of your alcoholic concoctions on your new menu design. Drinks can be easily found by clients because of the simple layout.

Use a bar menu design from Menu Design Group to get your clients excited about their upcoming meal and football match! With its gold and black background and white script lifting off the page, this funky, modern restaurant menu design directs your clients' attention to their selected menu items. Your customers' appetites will be piqued by multiple photos of bar food.

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