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The Absolute Total Guide to Digital Menus

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

digital menus

Because they add that extra touch of enhanced visual flair, improve the way you share display menu and streamline the way you manage your menu, digital menu boards are popping up everywhere! But do you know how to set them up? In this article, we will cover; how digital menus work and what benefits they offer? How do you put up a digital menu display?

Quick Start to Digital Menu Boards

If you have an existing TV, you can use it to set up your menu display system. If you do not have a TV, you can. Buy a television from Target or Best Buy. "Smart" or "dumb" television is not necessary. Whatever you want, go ahead! As for size, choose the largest your you can fit in your space.

How to Design a Digital Menu Board with PowerPoint

Once you've got your TV, it's time to create your digital menu board template. To create a free digital menu board template, you can use PowerPoint free of charge!

Once you have your design made, save it as a JPEG, upload it to a USB thumb drive, and insert it into your TV.

One of the negatives of using PowerPoint Digital Menus is the lack of adaptability and overall design quality. To construct a menu from scratch using PowerPoint, you may need help. Another problem with PowerPoint digital menus is that you cannot include videos or slideshows within the menu design. As a result, the menu template design will be static.

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3 Digital Menu Board Design Tips

If you want to create the best digital menu design, follow these principles!

1. Correct pricing and descriptions

First and foremost, make sure your menu is up-to-date and accurate. Next, take a look at your food and drink costs, then cross-check the sale prices you have set. In addition, review your descriptions to ensure items are well described.

2. Number of Items in the Design

Only include up to 35 items per television. Adding more will make the text difficult to read as well as clog up the page. Menu elements should stick out and be easily readable using a variety of high-contrast colors.

3. Graphics

As an alternative, designate a single digital menu TV to play your advertisements solely. By doing this, you will increase attention and focus on your best items, such as cocktails and appetizers.

digital menu tvs

Remote Management of Your Digital Menu Boards

If you want a complete digital menu board solution, consider using a digital menu board software platform. Using the digital menu board software will have more flexibility and control of your digital menu tvs.

- Design and edit your digital menu templates

- Remotely make updates and edits to the menu

- Schedule your menu to play at specific times and dates

- Add food promotions and video slideshows

- Update the menu tvs from anywhere at anytime

Digital menu software basics

You may design, edit, and manage digital menu boards with the digital menu board software, using any computer, laptop, or MAC. No, we're not talking about PowerPoint digital menu templates or Word Document Menu Templates. Instead, we're speaking about a specially designed digital menu design software that lets you quickly set up and manage your digital menu boards.

Why Digital Menu Board Software

To quickly and easily display your digital menu, menu board software is a viable solution. A well-designed platform will provide a selection of customizable templates. Choose the menu template of your choice and update it!

Will I need any special screens or devices?

For openers, use any type, brand, or size TV! Existing TVs can also be used. When it comes to how many TVs to use, start counting how many items your menu has. If you want a well-balanced, clean, and easy-to-read menu, go with around 25 to 30 items per TV.

How do I get my menu onto the TV?

Connected to your television will be a digital signage menu board player. These are small and compact devices that will cost you around $99 each. Those connect to your TV via HDMI and the internet via WiFi. They will download the menu from the cloud and play on your TV. If your internet drops, don't worry; the digital signage menu player will cache the content and play it even without the internet!

Digital Menu USB Thumb Drive Option

Restaurants looking for a low-cost menu board solution will find digital menu boards on USB flash drives to be a great answer. Once you've completed your menu design in PowerPoint, save it as a JPEG and copy it to a USB thumb drive.


Let us know if you want to set up a menu board but don't know exactly where to start! We can provide you with FREE suggestions + walk you through the step-by-step process of setting up your menu display system.

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