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Seattle, WA Digital Menu Boards

Updated: May 10, 2022

Seattle, WA Digital Menu Boards

Using digital menu boards in Seattle, WA, you may modernize and create an upscale atmosphere. Increase sales and enhance the ordering experience for your customers by using digital menus, which can show off your best-selling goods in an attractive and easy-to-read manner.

Critical Advantages of Seattle, Washington Digital Menu Boards

  • Improve profits: huge and dramatic fresh product photos, videos, and slideshows should be prominently shown

  • Eliminate Print Costs: Transform to Seattle digital menus and save money on printing by making changes

  • Easy Updates: modify goods in real-time, and your televisions will update themselves immediately

  • Enhanced Visibility: 4K resolutions provide crystal-clear text and menu graphics.

  • Superior Branding: Make sure to incorporate your brand's colors into the design of your menu.

Wirelessly Update from Anywhere!

Any laptop, pc, or mac can be used to update and control the digital menu boards. In order to remotely design, insert your menu items with photographs, preset times for the menus to play, and set expiration dates for your promotions, you can use our user-friendly digital menu board software.

Customizable Menu Templates

  • The drag and drop widgets allow you to simply edit and include food photographs, movies, tickets, and slideshows into your digital menus.

Upsell Desserts and Appetizers

  • Include highlighted, big, and HD sections for your new cheesecake to encourage impulse purchases.

Specialty Cocktails

  • To boost your typical order totals, you should market the new peach margarita or the new lager.

Instagram and Twitter

  • By highlighting your company's social media profiles, you may both raise your Likes and provide more interesting information for your followers to read.

Calorie Count

  • Comply with FDA menu regulations and provide nutrition-related data

Rewards Program

  • Enhance the overall dining experience of your customers by promoting your restaurant's rewards program

Additional benefits

When it comes to designing, pricing, and listing things on your digital menu board in Seattle, WA, you have complete control.

  • On the fly updates: add, delete, or amend an item with ease.

  • Use any TV: Any brand or model of television can be utilized, regardless of its dimensions.

  • Engaging: Enhance your brand's image with vibrant colors, brilliant lights, and a clean design.

  • Improve in-store advertising: increase sales by including slideshows of featured items

Multi-Location Central Control

With a single mouse click, you may manage many locations and Seattle menu boards. As a result, your restaurants' prices will be precise and constant, and your brand's image will be uniform across. Before introducing a new item to your other fast-casual restaurants, test it out at a specific location first.

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