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Quick Start Guide to Touch Screen Digital Menu Boards

From restaurant ordering touch screen kiosks to interactive tablets displaying your menu, learn how you too can quickly deploy and prosper using touch screen digital menus.

Touch Screen Menu Tablets

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to get a touch screen menu up and running is using 10" Android Tablets. Imagine being handed a tablet that is showing a menu to interact with and browse through.

The touch screen menu can be broken down into food type category pages that allow users to navigate between Specials and Lunch items easily. Aside from listing your items, you can include excellent videos and images to create a nice visual appeal while stirring up interest.

Tell Your Restaurants Story

In addition to featuring your menu, you can use a touch screen menu to build continued value in your brand's image and name. Consider adding a button that takes you information about your chefs, a timeline of your restaurant's accomplishments, and videos about your signature items.

Signature Items

The Signature Items button leads you to a page that showcases your restaurant's latest and most popular beverages. We have a good depiction of a drink and the ingredients that go into making it. You can include mouth-watering descriptions, videos, and images of the items.

Social Media

Connect your restaurant's Instagram and Twitter accounts with the touch screen menu. As you make updates and posts to your social media account, they will sync with your touch screen menu. By connecting your social media account, you will create additional awareness around your accounts while keeping your touch screen menus content fresh and engaging.

Reserve A Table

Include a reservation button that allows your guests to reserve a table. Link your OpenTable account and or other 3rd party reservation URL.

How To Get Started

When it comes to getting it set up, you will first need to analyze your menu and determine what you would like to display. From a design standpoint, we suggest going with something like this:

  • Welcome /Home Page: feature a series of images and videos of your famous items. On the bottom, add a series of food category buttons

  • Food Category buttons: these will be say Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. When the button is touched, that specific menu will be displayed

  • About our Chef: this can be a page that features a short biography and image of your chefs

How Can We Help You

Using our touch screen digital menu board software, you will easily design and set up your touch screen menu. If you need assistance with creating the menu design, we can assist you as well.

If you have questions or would like to see a demo feel free to contact us today!

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