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Quick Start Guide to Setting Up Your Pizzeria Digital Menu Board Template

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

The best approach to directly influence and increase your profitability is deploying an eye-catching pizzeria digital menu board. The structure and design of your pizzeria digital menu template will play a critical role in what items your customer orders, how your restaurant brand is perceived, all while encouraging repeat business.

Let's take a look at the top 6 design principles for pizzeria digital menu board templates.

1. The use of colors

First, look at your brand's colors and consider incorporating those into your pizzeria digital menu board template. By doing this, you will emphasize your brand while creating a unique menu design that is eye-catching and visually unique.

2. Design

The two most popular menu designs for the pizzeria digital menu board template are three or two-column designs. If you have between 20 to 30 items, a three-column menu will work well for neatly organizing your menu into clean and easy-to-read menu categories. If you have less than 20 items, a two-column menu will work well.

3. Menu Evaluation

Perform a comprehensive examination of your menu before beginning to build your pizza menu template. First, make sure all of the items are correct, with snappy names and delectable descriptions. Then do a cost check to ensure you're getting the profit you want and selling your things at the right price.

pizzeria digital menus

4. Create a design

When creating your layout design, keep the number of items per category/page to a minimum. Maintain a simple and easy-to-read format. If a page has too many things, consider adding a second page and rearranging it. Less is more in this case.

5. Photographs

Always make an effort to provide professionally taken photographs of your items, drinks, appetizers, and desserts. If you use stock food images, you may set the wrong expectations of your food. When hiring professional food photographers, you will get stunning photos that best represent your food. In addition, you will be able to use the images in your marketing campaigns and social media.

6. Featured Promotions and Advertising

Consider making space for huge food photographs featuring a call to action to help increase sales and attention in your highest-margin food items. Add offers and specials for new things such as "2 XL Pizzas with 10 Piece Wings for $29.99".

pizzeria digital menu boards

How to Set Up Your Pizzeria Digital Menu Board

For starters, you can use any size and brand TV as your digital pizzeria menu. However, when it comes to knowing how many TV you need, we recommend counting your menu items. If you want an easy-to-read, well-balanced pizzeria digital menu template, then do not list more the twenty-five items per TV.

If you want to feature your images, videos, and slideshows of your featured items and specials, we suggest dedicating one TV exclusively to playing your media. By showcasing your items on a large full screen, you will quickly drive attention to the items you're looking to promote using your pizzeria digital menu boards.

Designing Your Pizzeria Digital Menu Template

Using pizzeria digital menu board software and your computer, you will be able to create your menu. You can either upload your pizzeria menu to the system or create a pizzeria menu template from scratch using the pizzeria digital menu board templates. Items, images, descriptions, and prices can be easily edited and updated.

pizza digital menus

Turnkey Pizzeria Digital Menu Boards

We offer custom pizzeria digital menu boards because you specialize in the pizza business and not setting up pizzeria digital menus. Our turnkey pizzeria digital menu system includes custom design, remote setup, and an easy-to-use remote updating and management system. Complete training and support are included as well.

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