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Menu Design Group Introduces New Digital Menu Board Systems for Deluxe Fast Casual Restaurants

An easy-to-implement digital menu board solution for fast-casual restaurants that wants to improve customer experience, promote new items, and remotely control their menus is simple, reliable, and uncomplicated.

Fast-casual restaurants will soon be able to use Menu Design Group's (MDG) new digital menu board solutions, which will allow them to make changes remotely. Pre-scheduled menu updates, new SLA items playing on preset timetables, on-the-fly pricing changes—all of these features are available to restaurant management.

"Using a computer and a television, fast-food restaurants can now easily create computerized menus. Menu board software for fast-casual eateries lets them showcase specials, promotions and distinctive dishes in a way that's easy to read and understand" said Phil from MDG. "With our drag-and-drop menu builder and customized digital menu designs, eateries can put up their digital menu in seconds."

Effortless and Straightforward

MDG's digital menu board software includes a large range of configurable fast-casual digital menu board templates. In addition to adding menu items and photos of the food on their menus, restaurants can also embed social media feeds and scrolling custom tickers into their websites.

  • Remotely control all of your menus

  • Menus can be created and updated from your computer

  • Adjust your menu items and pricing immediately

  • Set up menus and commercials to play at predetermined intervals

  • Wirelessly transmitting your PC's updates to your televisions

Convenient and Easier

MDG offers turnkey fast casual digital menu board packages for restaurants who want a professionally prepared digital menu that is both comprehensive and individualized. Deliver your menu to MDG, and they'll put it together and send it to your television for you. Digital menu boards for fast-casual restaurants that are professionally designed, easy to use, and turnkey are provided as part of this value added and cost effective solution.

Reliable and Intuitive

For more than a decade, MDG has worked with fast-casual restaurants to design, develop, and implement digital menu boards. MDG's digital menu boards automate playback for restaurants without the need for restaurant staff to configure settings, making them more efficient and convenient.

In addition, all menu and media caches are stored locally on the digital menu. When there is no internet connection, this guarantees that the menu is always shown on the TV.

Custom Digital Menu Boards for Fast Casual Restaurants

Menu Design Group (MDG) has been designing restaurant menus for over a decade now! Menu templates from MDG include pizza menu templates, coffee shop menu templates, BBQ menu templates and digital menu boards. Additionally, MDG offers a wide range of menu design options for restaurants.

Using the Golden Triangle technique to menu design, MDG creates a well-balanced meal. When these menu engineering principles are followed, the final fast-casual digital menu template design will be visually beautiful, intelligible, and impactful.

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