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Latest Chalkboard Menu Template Design Guide with Examples

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

chalkboard menu templates

Impress your customers with the sleek and smooth style of chalkboard menu templates! Your menu items will be displayed and accurately while still maintaining a classic, sophisticated look.

The Best Advice for Creating a Chalkboard Menu

When it comes to creating the chalkboard menu template, a simple design is more effective. Keep the page balanced and use HD food pics with well-thought-out food explanations to get your customer's taste buds going!

chalk board menu template

Approximately how many menu items should be listed on each page?

If going with a landscape orientation chalkboard menu template (example, trifold menu), keep the number of items on each page 8.5" x 11" to around 30. Printed in full color on both sides, this size is ideal for printing. In addition, they can be used as table menus or takeout/trifold menus.

Should I use a template or build a design from scratch?

Using a three or two-column chalkboard menu template will work well and help you get started the fastest. In addition, due to their neatly displayed categories, the menu will be easy to read for your guests.

pizza restaurant chalk board menu template

If the chalkboard menu template is designed correctly, you will be able to neatly include images of your food in a visually engaging manner. When spotlighting your highest margin items, you will drive sales and increase your average ticket order sales.

Chalkboard Menu Template: Design Suggestions

Organize your menu categories logically across the columns when creating your chalkboard menu template. Avoid overcrowding each column with items.

Whenever possible, have professional pics taken of your most profitable foods, such as desserts, specialty drinks, and beverages. Then, to better advertise and upsell products, you can incorporate these into your menu template.

Increase your food sales with well-written item names and descriptions. Make an effort to come up with exciting and different names for your signature items and specialty drinks. The more creative you are, the better. This will help you stand out from the crowd. Also, look at listing critical ingredients in your descriptions to help describe your items and what they are made with.

Each item's price should be separated by a comma and should not include a dollar sign. It forces your customer to read the explanations by doing so. As a result, your food has a higher perceived value, enabling you to advertise better!

8 Chalkboard Menu Templates Ideas

pizza chalkboard menu template

1. Pizza Shop Chalk Board Menu Templates

I like this style because it's simple and easy to remember! Using a chalkboard-style pizza menu template is simplistic, contemporary, and captivating. You can easily read the large, crisp white headers, allowing your guests to find their desired items quickly. Make sure to include eye-catching pics of your most profitable products.

By collaborating with our pizza menu template designers, you can create the perfect pizzeria restaurant menu! It will include everything from your brand's menu to its prices to images, colors, and logos.

pizzeria chalk board menu template

2. Chalkboard Pizza Menu Template

This is the perfect specialty pizza menu chalkboard template! Elegant and tasteful is the best way to describe this chalkboard pizza template. For a clean, modern look that is eye-catching and easy to read, use a black chalkboard pizza templates backdrop. As a bonus, there are subtle graphics that add a new dimension of intrigue to the design.

3. Chalkboard Fast Food Template

Fun and catchy, this chalkboard fast food menu template is ideal for your new restaurant menu design. With your guests in mind, this fast-food menu template was created. It has audacious and concise headers that are equally spaced throughout the menu to make it easier to read. In addition, the visual experience will be enhanced if you fill in the blanks with illustrations or food photos.

mexican chalkboard menu template

4. Chalkboard menu for a fast-food restaurant

There's a lot of flavor in this fast-food menu template, and best of all, it's easy to read! This chalkboard menu perfectly uses a balance of eye-catching colors, making menu reading a breeze. Increase sales by using 4k food images of your most profitable products. Functionality and aesthetics are balanced in the well-organized menu design, resulting in an instantly recognizable menu template.

smoothie chalkboard menu template

5. Chalkboard menu template for a smoothie restaurant

If you're looking for a stylish yet straightforward smoothie menu template, look no further than this chalkboard smoothie menu template! This smoothie menu template is easy to read and navigate because it is divided into three sections with high contrast color coding. In addition, you can use current images of smoothies, protein shots, bowls, and other new items to draw attention to the products with the highest profit margins.

cage chalkboard menu template

6. Chalkboard Cafe Menu Board

Finally, it's here! Discover the perfect cafe chalkboard menu template. In addition to being visually appealing, the high contrast colors add interest to the text. Utilize color scheme headers in your menus to catch attention to specific menu items. This will allow you to categorize your menu items better. In addition, your menu's visual appeal can be improved by including sharp images of new food items or beverages, as well as drawing attention to your more profitable items.

Create the perfect coffee menu by working with our team of custom chalkboard cafe menu templates! This means that the final design of your coffee chalkboard menu template will include all of your menu items, images, and description.

coffee chalk board menu template

7. Coffee Shop Cafe Chalkboard Menu Template

Your coffee shop will be more lively and inviting with this chalkboard menu template! The better contrast colors make it easy to read, and the menu categories are perfectly spaced for the best reading experience. Take advantage of the increased branding opportunities by including a logo on your coffee menu.

To create the perfect chalkboard coffee menu for your establishment, consult with our experienced team of custom coffee menu designers! As a result of the website's design, your products, prices, images, and logo are included.

fast casual chalkboard menu template

8. Classic Chalkboard Menu Template

It's stunning. In addition to being eye-catching, this chalkboard menu template has a beautiful balance. To make it easier to read, the menu categories have been neatly organized and separated by thin white accent lines to make them stand out. Shaped food graphics add a personal touch to designs that would otherwise be lacking.

For a first-class design, consult our team of professional restaurant menu template designers. You'll want to include your restaurant's menu and logo as well as pricing and color schemes in the final design.

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