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How to Unlock the Sales Secrets of Digital Menu Boards

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Digital Menu TV

Digital menu boards are appearing all over the place. Just about wherever you look, there's a restaurant or cafe, a buffet steakhouse, or a fast-casual restaurant using digital menus.

What is it about them that has them so interested? A well-designed digital menu will pique your interest and change your mind about what you're going to eat. It's as simple as that.


What matters in innovation is that it achieves its intended purpose. For example, with digital menu boards, the goal is to get your attention and help you sell more!

In a recent study completed by the National Restaurant Association:

  • When going digital, menu changes reduced costs by 49.1%

  • Customer Satisfaction Improved by 47.2%

  • Promotional Advertising on the digital menu increased sales by 37.1

  • Day to day operation efficiency rose 37.7%

  • Daily sales of high margin items improved 18.9%

Digital Menus

Open With A Bang

Digital menu boards are an essential buy for restaurants, bars, QSRs, and hotels revamping their business. When it comes to menus, digital menu boards are an easy replacement for the traditional chalkboard and printed menus. In addition, digital menu boards can be used to entertain your guests. At the same time, they wait in line, educate customers and employees about new featured items, and dramatically improve your brand's image.

When it comes to boosting profits, digital menu boards shine the brightest.

A recent Forrester International research of QSRs found that digital menu boards increased the average ticket order by 23%. In addition to enhanced profits, digital menu boards dramatically cut down on wait times and printing expenses.

How Can I Benefit from Digital Menu Boards?

Using digital menu boards, you can influence what your customer will order, improve your restaurant's reputation, plan specials around busy times, and maximize your cross- and up-selling potential.

  • Decrease the wait time of your clients by up to 15%

  • Over time, the cost of replacing backlit panels is less than the cost of digital menus.

  • Experience lifted sales of your higher-margin items and drinks

  • Increase appetizer impulse purchases using animated menu transitions

How Can We Help You?

In 24 hours, we can turn your TV into an effective digital menu board! Using our digital menu board software, you will easily design and set up your menu. If you need help with creating the menu or setting it up, we offer turnkey digital menu board packages that are easy to set up and non-technical.

Free Digital Menu Templates

Hundreds of free digital menu board templates are available in our digital menu board software, from which you can choose, edit, and post to your TV. So find your menu template, insert your menu items and images, and you're done!

On The Fly Updates

With our specially designed digital menu board software, you can easily edit the menu board, including item names, prices, and descriptions. All of the edits that you will make on your computer will automatically update on your TV. If special menus say for breakfast and lunch, you can even preschedule the menus to auto-play on defined dates and times. This menu dayparting ability streamlines your ability menu management.

Drive Sales With Motion Backgrounds and Videos

Hot flames coming off the grill, a fresh New York Steak being cut and served on a plate, or coffee beans being roasted are examples of visually stimulating videos that will drive sales. Search for and use animated clips and videos from our royalty-free library of stock food images, clip art, icons, and videos.

How to Get Started

Two easy ways:

Sign up for a free 30-day trial and start creating your menu


Contact us now with your questions!

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