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How to Select the Most Effective Digital Menu Board Software

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

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We've identified five crucial elements to look for when choosing the optimum Digital Menu Boards Software because you don't have time to learn about it.

1. Digital menu board software that is cloud-based

The term "cloud" refers to the internet. For example, it's much easier to maintain and update your digital menu boards if you have a solution available via a website.

2. Templates for digital menu boards that can be customized

Anyone can claim to have digital menu board software, but do they also have a library of professionally created templates? I'm not referring to generic PowerPoint templates but instead expertly designed digital menu board templates. It's your business, and how your menu is presented visually is crucial. If your digital menu board is badly designed, it may reflect poorly on your company.

3. It must be simple to use

It's straightforward. You are a restaurant specialist, not a software expert. Any digital menu board software you use should have a low learning curve and be simple to set up. The digital signage menu board software should include simple drag-and-drop widgets that are simple to use and maintain, from making essential price changes to adding new items.

4. Menu Planning

It's crucial to be able to plan your various menus to play at specified times and dates. Check to see if the digital menu board software includes this feature. The scheduling module should be simple and easy to use for non-technical people.

5. Complete Support

Because the menu is so important to your restaurant, make sure the digital menu board software vendor provides everything from thorough training to live person phone assistance. Before making a purchase, send an email or call the provider. This allows you to gain a better sense of a business. Recall that while many suppliers sell digital menu board software, few of them provide support or training in the United States.

How to make the most of digital menus to increase revenues and sales

Continue reading to discover how you can quickly implement digital menu boards to impact client purchasing behavior in your restaurant, increasing revenues and minimizing line wait times.

Every restaurant owner desires a higher profit margin. It all starts with digital menu boards, which create an immediate desire when a consumer walks through the door.

But how?

Use the appropriate blend of vibrant HD photos, cuisine video clips, and a simple digital menu board layout to make your menu stand out. You will effectively upsell new items while minimizing wait times if you have a digital menu board that is straightforward and properly designed.

Don't overcrowd your menu

Have you ever seen a menu with a long list of items? Isn't it challenging to read? Make sure to divide your digital menu board items into categories and leave enough space between them.

Food photos that make you drool

Because it's a digital menu board, you can show off crisp, high-definition photographs of cuisine! This stimulates the appetite and helps you sell more food! Here's how to take quality images of your food items:

  • Use a digital camera with a resolution of at least 7 Megapixels or a cell phone

  • Remove the image from the whole food dish

  • Use a white background and make sure the lighting is adequate

  • Take several photos of the same food item from various perspectives

How to Sell More Items

The first three items on a menu are always the most popular. As a result, make sure your highest margin items are always listed on the digital menu boards.

How to display pricing

Always put your item description and photographs first in your listing. This increases the item's worth. Use a smaller font sans the dollar sign and add pricing at the end of each item.

Designing platforms

If you don't already have a preferred digital signage platform, look for one that provides a library of digital menu board templates. The program must be simple to use and allow for the customization of the layout, pictures, and text.

If you don't have a software platform and want to build something simple that you can submit by USB thumb drive, you can use PowerPoint. That interface is simple to use and is known to many restaurateurs.

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