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How to create a simply incredible digital menu board

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Have you been to Dunkin Donuts or Burger King lately and seen their digital menu boards? If yes, you would have easily seen large and bright, ultra-clear digital menu tvs neatly showcasing their menu.

In addition, the HD 4k eye-catching video clips of new items and specials would have grabbed your attention. Now imagine a similar digital menu board system at your restaurant.

Types of digital menus

It would be best if you had a digital menu board that is easy to set up and, more importantly, a menu board that helps you sell more. Outlined below are two of the most digital menu board setup options. The good news is that both scenarios can use any size and brand tv. It doesn't have to be a smart TV either.

USB thumb drive digital menu boards

A free and entry-level option, USB thumb drive digital menu boards are used for displaying your menu in a static format. Upload your menu to a thumb drive, then insert it to the tv. This option is ideal for restaurants that don't change their menus very often.

However, when using a USB thumb drive digital menu board, you won't be able to set up video or slideshow zone sections to play, and you won't be able to make wireless updates to it. Another downside is you will need to manually configure each tv every morning to play from the USB drive. Many times restaurants don't have time each day to screw around with the setup.

Wireless Digital Menu Boards

One of the most popular options, wireless digital menus, gives you complete control and flexibility when it comes to managing the menus. Using digital menu board software, restaurants will be able to:

  • Easily create their menu from the customizable digital menu templates

  • Set up video and slideshows

  • Preschedule specials and dayparting menus

  • Remotely change prices and items from their computer, and the TV's will automatically update

chalkboard digital menus

How Can Digital Menus Increase My Sales?

By following these four points below, you will dramatically improve your ability to increase sales and your guests dining experiences:

1. Increase sales and brand awareness

Did you know that up to 65% of people remember visual media up to three days after seeing it? Now how can that improve my profits? Because people buy with their eyes, you need to feature full-screen, vivid media promotions of your essential highest margin items. You will see an instant increase in sales of specific things that you play on the screen. Keep the image with text straightforward.

2. Schedule Specials to Play

On game days or holidays, pre-set your digital menus to play promotions and advertisements automatically. An example would be 9n NFL football Sundays play $.99 wing deals with pitchers of beer for 9.99 to play. This type of targets menu selling is one of the best ways to promote best and upsell items.

3. Pick up and phone orders

Aside from displaying just your menu, use digital menu boards to remind guests to order over the phone for carryout and delivery.

4. Upcoming Deals

Set up a daily deals menu board that lists out entire specific day-only sales. An example would be:

  • Monday: 7.99 Angus Bacon Jalapeno Burgers w/ cheese and homestyle fries

  • Tuesday: 9.99 Large Pizza with up to Three Toppings

  • Wednesday: 9.99 countries fried chicken with sweet potato fries and a slide of apple pie

  • Friday: 15.99 cod fish fry with coleslaw, broccoli, and a steakhouse baked potato

By dedicating a tv to strictly weekly deals, you will create more opportunities for your customers to come back for a particular special. Make sure to include an HD image of the food item. Your guests will remember it and come back!

digital menu board specials

Five Key aspects of an effective digital menu board

1. Readability

To set up an effective digital menu board, it must be to the point. This means nicely organized into categories, and the font must be large enough to see from at least 7-9 feet away.

2. Clean and Catchy Promotions

Keep your digital menu display uncluttered with items easy to read. Use taste appealing food category names like "Home Made Soups" to better position items to sell. By using descriptive item names, you will help to increase impulse sales items. Add a featured items section slideshow of mouth-watering images of your food into various areas 9f your digital menu boards.

3. Scrolling text tickers for visual appeal

Include custom scrolling text tickers on the bottom of your menu. For example, list out specials and promote your carry out and delivery deals or your customer's loyalty programs. The subtle scrolling text ticker will grab your guest's attention and be read!

4. Visual consistency

The overall column arrangement should be adequately spaced out and organized. For example, if your menu has 26 items or more, consider using a three-column design.

5. Colors

A well-designed menu must reflect your restaurant's brand. Make sure that the color theme you use incorporates the same colors as your logo. This will improve your brand's image and help to separate you from the competition with originality.

How to set up a digital menu board

Follow these three steps if you want to set up a reliable and easy to read digital menu:

1. Purchase any brand tv(s) any size 43" or above

You can use any TV for TVs; it doesn't have to be a smart TV. When it comes to how many you need, the rule of thumb does not list more than thirty items per tv. If you start displaying too many things, the text will be hard to read and too small.

2. Digital Menu board software

To set up and manage your menus, you will need digital menu software. Using your laptop or computer, you will be able to create and design your menu. In addition, you will be able to add videos, your restaurant's social media feeds, weather reports, and YouTube videos.

  • Food item image, video, and clip art stock library to choose from and use

  • Import your menus from CANVA, PosterMyWall, and Google Slides

  • Over 2,000 Google Fonts to choose from

  • Include video motion graphic backgrounds like flames from a grill

3. Digital Menu board media player

This is a small box that connects to any tv via HDMI. The digital menu boxes are usually 4" x 4" x 1" and weightless than 16 ounces. When connected to the wifi and tv via HDMI, the menu board box will download and play the menu on the TV.


If you need help putting together your digital menu board, let us know. We can offer you a complete solution that is custom designed and built for you at affordable prices.

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