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Glowing Neon Graphics Style Digital Menu Boards!

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

Fresh and appealing to the eye, this digital menu board with neon graphics has a fantastic blend of illuminating icons for enhanced elegant design. High-definition video footage of food being freshly made was also added for impact and influence!

Use digital menu TVs to improve the way your menu is displayed while also streamlining how you change it. In addition, you will be able to update, amend, and manage your digital menus from any computer.

You can design your menu using the digital menu board templates, develop one from scratch, or upload your menu PDF using our digital menu board software.

You can utilize digital menu tvs to highlight your best margin items in addition to establishing your restaurant menu. For example, put in place rotating promotional slideshows with commercials, videos, and advertising. You can also plan the promotions to run at certain times.

best digital menu boards

Sell more food!

Set up ultra HD food or beverage advertising multimedia presentations, highlight drink promotions, and show off your beautiful desserts.

Speed up the ordering process

If you have an easy-to-read menu, your guests will be able to identify the item they wish to get swiftly. Create eye-catching menu board layouts that showcase your menu items, combo meal discounts, food item photos, and movies in a fun way.

Elegant and contemporary

Divide your menu into sections to make it easier to read and manage. Keep things straightforward while including rotating food photos and videos.

lunch digital menu boards

Use your computer to update

Make on-the-fly price edits, add new images, and preschedule your menus to auto-play from anywhere at any time. This eliminates the need to physically update your menus or waste money printing and installing your new menus.

Menu for Dayparting

Set your menus to play immediately based on the current time and date. This is useful if your breakfast and lunch menus need to be changed or if you have a special holiday meal.

Custom Digital Menu Templates

Create your own personalized digital menu templates or choose from one of our easy-to-edit digital menu templates. Then, add menu items, edit descriptions, and input prices after that.

In summary: Digital Menu Boards

If you already have a TV, you can utilize it to set up your digital menu display system. Even if you don't have access to a television, you can do so. You can purchase a TV from any store. Having a "smart" or "dumb" television is not required. When it comes to size, choose the largest option that will fit in your space.

How to Make a Digital Menu Board with PowerPoint

You'll need to create a digital menu board template after you've bought your television. You can design a free digital menu board template using PowerPoint!

Save your design as a JPEG, transfer it to a Flash drive, then plug it into your television once it's ready.

One of the disadvantages of using PowerPoint Digital Menus is the lack of personalization and overall design quality. You might need some help developing a menu from scratch in PowerPoint. Another disadvantage of PowerPoint digital menus is that they do not include films or slideshows in the digital menu design. As a result, the menu template's plan will be static.

chalkboard coffee digital menu

3 Digital Menu Board Design Suggestions

If you want to create the best digital menu design, follow these principles!

1. Accurate pricing and descriptions

First and foremost, make sure your menu is up to date and accurate. Next, look through your food and beverage costs, then double-check the sale pricing you've chosen. Furthermore, double-check your descriptions to ensure that they are correct.

2. How many TVs should I use?

Do not list more than 39 items per menu allowed per television. Adding more will clog the page and make it difficult to read the text. Instead, menu components should stick out and be easily readable by using a selection of high-contrast colors.

3. Images, Videos, and Media

Set up a single digital menu TV to show only your advertising instead. By doing so, you will increase your attention span and be able to concentrate on your most important tasks, such as cocktails and appetizers.

Remotely Manage Using Digital Menu Board Software

If you want a complete digital menu board solution, consider using a digital menu board software platform. Using the digital menu board software, your digital menu televisions will have more flexibility and control.

- Modify and create digital menu templates

- Change and update the menu from afar - Schedule your menu to play at specific times and dates

- Offer meal specials as well as video slideshows.

- You can change the menus on your televisions at any moment from anywhere.


If need help with setting up your digital menu tv or have questions, contact us today! We can walk you through the process of installing up your menu tv. From doing simple menu template design to set you up with a turnkey digital menu board solution, our expert menu board staff can help you.

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