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Free Digital Menu Board Templates

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Free Digital Menu Template

A digital menu board is your ticket to creating a modern, new and catchy visual flair for your restaurant. From improving the way you digitally display your menu to increasing your highest margin item sales, you can use free digital menu board templates to get started.

Benefits of digital menu boards

If used correctly, a digital menu can create an immediate impact on your business. Your restaurant's image, perception, and guest experience are connected to how your digital menu boards look.

  • Make on the fly updates to price changes and items

  • Remotely update from any computer or laptop

  • Add slideshow and images of your food items and drinks

  • Include videos of your food being prepared and cooked

  • Add customer loyalty sign up advertisements

How to set up a digital menu board

When it comes to tvs, you can use any size or brand. It doesn't matter if it's a smart tv or dumb tv. To determine how many times, you need to start measuring the space you have and counting out how many items your menu has. A rule of thumb is not to list more than thirty items per digital menu. If you add too many items, your menu display will be hard to read.

For design, please keep it clean and easy to read. Make sure to high contrasting colors like black on white, so your items stand out and read. If you are going to include images, make sure they are HD and large enough so people can quickly view them. Make sure to add pictures of your highest margin items to drive attention and sales of those items, desserts, drinks, or appetizers. Remember, people buy with their eyes.

Using free digital menu templates

If your looking to make a digital menu your self check out power digital menu templates. Using PowerPoint, you will be able to design a simple menu, save it as a jpeg and play it on your tv via USB. The downside to this is not being able to remotely update your menu, plus finding a free digital menu template to start with.

If you don't have design experience, digital menu board software may be a better fit. When using menu design software, you will start with a free digital menu template and customize it. You will be able to insert images of your food, edit and add your menu items with prices.

Another advantage of digital menu software is the ability to preschedule your menus to auto-play at specific times like breakfast and lunch. This scheduling and updating ability can all be done from your computer and will automatically be downloaded to your menu tv.

Free Digital Menu Template Consultation

If you are new to digital menus, not sure how to start, or need help setting it up, let us know! We offer free advice and walk you through the process of getting your digital menu boards up and running.

Professional Digital Menu Template Design and Set-Up

If you don't have menu design experience and are looking for a high-impact digital menu template that is beautifully laid out, consider having someone do the design for you.

At the Menu Design Group, we offer flat rate, one-time cost packages that include custom design and set up of your menu. In addition, you can opt for the USB updates option or upgrade to cloud-based digital menu board software that lets you make remote changes to your menu.

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