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Discover the Best Digital Menu Board Solutions!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Because you're looking for the best digital menu board system, we've outlined this article that walks you through the benefits of setting up and using a digital menu board system.

Suppose you're looking to purchase a digital menu or have questions let us know! We specialize in setting up digital menu tvs and can walk you through the steps to successfully getting your menu system up and running!

Here are five excellent reasons to use digital menu boards:

  • Sell more: identify your highest-margin items and spotlight them on the digital menus

  • Amplify Your Branding: deliver a ground-breaking increase in brand recognition by using full HD graphics

  • Reduce ordering line lengths: improves the perception of wait times by providing digital menu listings that are simple and easily understood.

  • Reduce printing costs: stop printing menus and upgrade to digital!

  • Pre-program: the meal menu to adjust between breakfast, lunch, and dinner options and deals

american food digital menu boards

A Complete and Easy to Use Digital Menu Solution

You can work on your entire menu and manage it from any computer from the location using our specially designed digital menu board software!

Total Design Flexbility

Set up ultra HD individual food or drink promotional slideshows, spotlight happy hour specials, and show off your delicious desserts.

Reduce ordering times

By having an easy-to-read menu, your guests will be able to identify the item they're looking to order fast quickly! Set up nicely designed menu board templates that beautifully list your menu items, combination meals, food item images, and videos.

Modern and Stylish

Divide your menu up into categories for proper organization and improved menu reading. Please keep it simple and under crowded; consider adding rotating food images.

Edit anything from anywhere

Make instant updates, change item names and prices using your computer. All edits that you make will instantly update onto your digital menus within minutes.

Menu Dayparting

Pre-set your menus to auto-play based on the time of day and date. This is useful if you have a breakfast and lunch menu that needs to change or say you have a special holiday menu.

Templates that can be personalized

Please choose from our easy-to-edit digital menu templates, or design your digital menu from scratch. Then, easily add your menu items, update descriptions, and insert your prices.

ice cream digital menu boards

Furthermore, additional benefits include:

Our digital menu board solutions are a cost-effective solution to manage, edit and keep your menu current. You will keep your customers focused while also enhancing their experiences by adding short promotional video clips of your food items.

  • Upsell and cross-sell side dishes and appetizers

  • Control all of your menu locations from your corporate office

  • Shine light on new seasonal items

  • Run item tests to see what sells more

Why Menu Design Group?

It's no secret. The best way to provide your customers with the most up-to-date and efficient information is through digital menu board displays.

With that being said, simplicity is vital. At the Menu Design Group, we offer complete, easy-to-implement digital menu board solutions that are custom and tailored to the exact needs of each restaurant. From simple USB thumb drive menu boards to cloud-based digital menu boards, we have reliable, digital menu board solutions that you can easily install and manage.

  • Can be used on all screen sizes

  • Update from anywhere

  • Create your menu using the included menu templates

digital menu tv displays

Custom Digital Menu Boards

If you need a turnkey digital menu board system that includes a custom-designed menu, we can help you! Send us a copy of your menu, and we'll custom design the best digital menu board for you.

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