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Digital Menus Board for Dummies

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

So you want to set up a digital menu board but didn't know how? You've probably seen digital menus at your competitor's restaurants or been to a place that had one and decided that you need digital menus too. Well, we can help you. This article will cover:

  1. Tvs: what size and type do you need

  2. Digital menu design: how to set it up

  3. How to get your digital menu playing on a tv

beer digital menu boards

Digital Menu TVs

Yep, it's true you can use any size and brand tv as your digital menu display. It can be a smart tv, dumb tv, or genius tv. It doesn't matter! For size, use anything 43" and up. When it comes to how many tvs you need, do two things:

  • Measure the width and height you have for the tvs

  • Do a menu items count to determine how many items you have

If you want to have a digital menu board with images and items, don't list more than 26 items per tv.

If you want only to feature your menu items, then list 37 or so items per tv.

Remember, if you are trying to jam 53 items on one tv, your digital menu will be hard to read and crowded.

chalkboard style digital menu

Digital Menu Design

The digital menu design is many times the most overlooked aspect of your restaurant menu tvs. An effective digital menu design will help you:

  • Sell more food and higher-margin items

  • Enhance your guest dining experience

  • Improve your restaurant's image and perception

  • Better advertise your items

When setting up your design, make sure to keep the layout clean and organized. This means listing out your menu categories and nicely spaced out sections that visually flow from left to right. Also, leave room to add professionally taken images of your food and videos of your food items prepared in the kitchen.

For colors and themes, use high contrasting colors to maximize visibility. Also, look to include the colors of your logo in the design.

If you need help with your digital menu design, let us know! We can offer you one-time digital menu template design services plus walk you through all of your questions.

How to get your digital menu playing on a tv

Getting your menu playing on your TVs is often the most asked question. Many restaurants will use a USB thumb drive and simply load their menu onto the TV via a USB. The setback with this is configuring your TV to play the menu. You will often have to change your digital menu file to a video then set it to loop, or another common problem is having to return on the tv after it turns off due to "inactivity."

Yes, a USB thumb drive-style digital menu can be done, but you will have to overcome minor challenges daily to keep your menu playing. Yes, it is a one-time cost option, but you will be limited to the menu design, plus make daily tech setting changes to the TV to keep your digital menu board playing.

A more reliable alternative option…

If you're looking for the ability to update your digital menu remotely, this option is for you. Using digital menu board software will give you the flexibility and reliability needed to set up your digital menu boards:

  • Use any computer to edit and design your menu

  • Schedule breakfast, lunch,, and dinner menus to autoplay on defined times/dates

  • All updates you make will wirelessly update onto the TV

  • Easily create your digital menu using the customizable templates

How can I get started?

From digital menu design to setting up your TVs as digital menu displays, we can help you! If you don't know where to start or are trying to figure what digital menu board software to use, we can guide you through it.

Contact us today for a free menu board consultation!

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