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Definitive Guide to Easily Setting up Mexican Digital Menu Boards

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

When it comes to displaying your menu, Mexican Restaurant Digital Menu Boards offer a new level of flexibility and impact. You can quickly show your menu items, prices, descriptions, prices, food photographs, and other material with Digital Menu Boards for Mexican Restaurants. To get started, you may use any TV and need a computer to create your menu layout.

Benefits of Digital Menu Boards in Mexican Restaurants:

  • Create any arrangement for your digital menu board, including three columns, two columns, a slideshow of specials, and more!

  • Editing is simple using your laptop or computer

  • Within minutes, all of your modifications will be wirelessly updated on the TVs

  • Pre-plan specials, lunch and supper menus to be available at specific hours and dates

digital menu display tv

Do I need specific televisions to set up my digital menu boards for my Mexican restaurant?

No, commercial-grade TVs or Smart TVs are not required. You can use any brand of television. When it comes to size, we recommend 43′′ and higher. You'll also need a media player in addition to a television. That uses HDMI and WiFi to connect to the TV. It will download and play your Mexican restaurant's digital menu board material once you've joined.

mexican digital menu template

How many televisions do I need to show my menu?

If you only want to show a text menu, limit yourself to 26–32 items per TV. If you have more than 32 items on your digital menu board for Mexican Restaurant, it will become cluttered and difficult to read.

Use no more than 21 items per menu when combining photographs and videos into your Mexican Restaurant menu board. This will provide you with more room to include your material.

mexican food digital menu boards

How can I begin creating my digital menu board template for a Mexican restaurant?

You'll need our Mexican Restaurant Digital Menu Board software to get your menu up and running. You can quickly input menu items, add media slide shows, scrolling specials tickers, and more with the software. Our digital menu board software also comes with a library of customizable digital menu board templates from which you can choose and customize.

How much do digital menu boards for Mexican restaurants cost?

For a fast reference, you can get started for less than $499. A TV and a media player are included in the price. You can go to your local Wal-Mart or BestBuy and buy the cheapest TV on sale.

What's the best way to get started?

Getting your Mexican restaurant's digital menu board built is the most critical and sometimes overlooked step. To get started, sign up for our free 30-day trial and start creating your Mexican restaurant menu right away!

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