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Concession Stand Digital Menu Boards

concession stand digital menu boards

Make an instant impression while improving the way you display your concession stand menu using concession stand digital menu boards. Start with one tv or go big with two!

  • Add eye-catching food images like your cheese pizza slices to drive sales

  • Spotlight combo deals to upsell drink add ons

  • Include videos of slushies being made to increase impulse purchases

  • Set promotional slide shows of food images to rotate through

  • Neatly showcase featured snacks, sweets, and candy items

How to set up Concession Digital Menu Boards

Dramatically improve the way you display your menu using concession digital menus. Transform your TV into an eye-catching menu that will grab attention while enhancing your ability to sell more food!

Easy to set up and get going, concession stands digital menu boards are highly visible and instantly grab attention due to the vivid, 4K graphics and colors.

  • Use any brand tv or type of TV

  • Remotely update from your computer

  • Upload your menu PDF or create one using our free menu templates

What type of TVs should I use?

For TVs, we suggest many sizes 43" or higher. When it comes to how many TVs, go with 1 per 28 items. If you want to include images of your food, we suggest featuring around 20 items per tv. Remember, if your confession stand digital menu is crowded and the menu items are font size is small, people won't be able to read your menu easily.

If you're looking to incorporate images and videos, it's always best to dedicate one tv to play your pictures exclusively. Big and bold images, videos, and slideshow promotions will grab attention.

An Easy Way to Get Started Now

Using our all-in-one digital menu board software suite, you will be able to quickly set up your menu and send it to any TV. We have a complete library of professionally designed concession stand digital menu templates that you can easily edit using your computer. Once you have your menu ready, you can send it to any Android TV wirelessly. If you don't have an Android, don't worry, you can use any Android box and connect it to your tv.

Our digital menu board software comes with

  • Free stock library of food images like hotdogs, pizza, candy, and slushies

  • Free getting started a support

  • Menu board drag and drop design editor

  • Dayparting menu schedulers

  • Video, news tickers, and text widgets

Quick Start Set-Up

If you need help with designing your concession menu board or don't know how to get it playing on your TV, we can help you. We offer free menu review consultations to help you understand what digital menu boards are and how they work.

If you need initial design help, we offer custom digital menu template design and set up services that will get you a high-impact, easy to read digital menu. Once set up, you will have complete control over editing it. In addition, all of our concession stand digital menu boards come with Monday thru Fri phone support and training.

We also offer a free 30-day trial of our digital menu board software. When signing up, you can immediately begin designing and setting up your concession menu board!

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