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Charlotte, NC Digital Menu Boards

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Charlotte North Carolina Digital Menu Boards

It is possible to improve the presentation of your menu by using Digital menu boards in Charlotte, NC. Your entire menu should be displayed, as well as images, specials, and upsells, in order to attract customers.

Digital menu boards can be used to:

  • Make on the fly edits to pricing and item descriptions

  • Promote upcoming new item specials and restaurant events

  • Help you sell more high margin items, drinks, and desserts


1. Increase food sales

In order to increase your revenue, highlight the best-paying dishes.

2. Improve Your Public Image

Using high-quality, professional-looking media can help you improve your company's public image.

3. Make use of good images and videos

With pics and videos, show off your finger foods, distinctive lunches and dinners and sweets.

4. Easy to read

Using a good digital menu design setup, you can introduce your menu in an orderly manner

5. Save money

Stop printing your menus and go digital!

6. Remotely Control

On any computer, you can instantly edit food prices, descriptions, and photos.

Turnkey North Carolina Digital Menu Boards

Charlotte, NC's Digital Menu Boards provide a sleek and modern method to show off your full menu. Customers in Charlotte, NC, will be impressed by your restaurant's digital signage if it features a chalkboard-style menu.

  • In terms of aesthetics, it's pleasing to the eye and simple to follow.

  • It is possible to utilize any model of television.

  • Clear and sparkling menus in 4K resolution.


When it comes to Charlotte, NC digital menus, it's all about balance. Create a visually pleasing menu that follows a logical path and includes relevant images. Here are four ideas for putting together an eye-catching menu board.

  • Easy-to-understand categories should be used to group items on the menu.

  • There is a lot of color contrast.

  • Their descriptions are concise, but they go into great detail.

  • There are many slideshows with food as the theme.


We provide the following items:

  • Menu board templates that may be altered to fit your specific needs

  • Easy-to-use yet powerful platform for creating and managing menus

  • The ability to construct a digital menu board by dragging and dropping food items.

  • Help with menu planning and preparation is available.

  • Menu solutions that are scalable, stable, and well-established

  • Discounts are available for a variety of meals and locations.


Allows you to use this digital menu board software for the duration of the 30-day period:

  • You may design a menu in a matter of seconds and send it to any television.

  • Here are the steps to creating a computer menu.

  • How to Create Your Own Menu Design

  • Bring new ideas to the table for your daily meals and special occasions.

You will also receive the following:

  • There is no payment for the training

  • Step-by-step tutorials are free of charge

  • Creating a menu board for the public to use for free

  • We'll assist you in setting up your television at no cost to you

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