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Cafe Digital Menu Boards Made Easy

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

cafe digital menu boards

Find a more contemporary, smooth, and welcoming atmosphere to sell coffee.

Show your new drinks in an easy-to-read fashion to list your menu; you can use digital menu boards for cafés to improve profits and improve the brand.

Expand the sales of your coffee shop!

Combine a digital menu with vivid 4K cafe digital menus to a clean and easily read coffee shop. Let's now look at five ways to increase your cafe sales:

  1. Enhance advertising: better spotlight your featured sales and promos

  2. Sales improvement: Cappuccinos and other beverages were newly featured

  3. Dayparts schedule: Preset features auto play specials at certain times

  4. Local experiences: include neighborhood event listings

  5. Feature signature items: spotlight bakery, pastry and breakfast items

4 More Reasons to Use Cafe Shop Digital Menu Boards

You can use any size and brand TV. If you have an existing television, use it!

  1. Resolutions: Ultra HD 4K TVs are brighter and easier to view

  2. Cost reduction: Stop spending money on re-print menus

  3. Adaptable: make last-minute price changes, add items and images

  4. Food Rotations: set promotional slideshows that promote your most prominent products

Ultimate Source for Cafe Digital Menu Boards

You can design, edit and update your whole menu with our all-in-one coffee house digital menu board software.

Promote Holiday and Seasonal Specials

Create and promote your new specialty drinks by setting them to play on certain timescales. Save your time.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Showcase promotional loyalty programs to increase registration.

New Flavors and Drinks

Add a monitor that promotes your specialties in the new summer, including videos, pictures, tickers and more!

Your Pastry and Baked Goods Menu

Creatively incorporate a section of baked goods that will show your food, prices, pictures, and descriptions.

Cards for Gift

Remember to list out and promote your gift card options offered to guests

How to Set-Up Cafe Digital Menu Boards

If you have not more than 64 items, then two-three TVs are going to work. When it comes to the number of TVs, your cafe's digital menu boards must be set by menu items. The size of the television should be 42" and larger.

You will not want to list more than 24 items on a TV from a digital menu board in a cafe shop.

This makes it clean and easier to read the menu layout. The menu will be crowded and difficult to read if you start adding too much.

Cafe menu boards in popular style are chalk board. This black-on-white style offers a clean and modern vintage look.

5 More reasons for using Digital Menus Coffee House

Yes! There are more reasons for setting up your cafe and coffee house with digital menu boards!

1. Stimulation of visuals

Naturally, people watch TVs, take this advantage of it and put your cafe menu on a TV

2. Edits of the fly

Prices, items and descriptions are easy to change

3. Self-updating

Everything you modify on your computer will update your digital menu boards wirelessly

4. Enhance recognition of branding

Include the design and colors of the theme of your café

5. Low-cost start-up

Use any HDMI port on your TV

What is next?

Count items in your menu, then measure your space.

We can help you when setting up a digital menu board for your cafe.

You can set up and send your menu to any TV using our Drag & Drop Digital Menu Board software.

We can help you if you need help in the design of menus!

We offer flat digital menu design services for coffee houses, which will provide you with an impressionable coffee menu!

If you want to include pictures of your coffee beverages, bakeries and videos, consider only devoting a TV screen to these promotions. As a slide show, you can configure the content rotating. This additional advertising screen is a great way to focus on more advanced products to drive your sales.

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