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How to make an effective digital menu board

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

pizzeria digital menu boards

There is nothing like walking into a restaurant and seeing large 65" digital menus neatly featuring a crisp and clear video of hot fudge vanilla ice cream Sunday being made with caramel and fudge toppings being poured over the top. That visual of the Sunday being made will increase impulse purchases and dramatically transform how you feature and promote items you want to sell more of.

If set up correctly, a digital menu board can have an instant and immediate impact on your revenue, restaurants image, and your guest's experience.

Three critical elements needed to create the best digital menu board

To set up a simply stunning digital menu board follow these three industries best practices:

1. Wow and Amaze

Because tvs are bright, 4k, and easily visible, you have the perfect solution for turning your tv into a digital menu board. When setting up your digital menu design, go for loud and bold colors. Check this example of a visually stunning digital menu board!

Black on white or royal blue and deep orange are examples of eye-catching color combinations that stand out while easy to read.

Look at your restaurant's interior decor, the color of your tables, your restaurant logo colors, and the interior paint job of your restaurant. The colors of your digital menu design should reflect and complement your restaurant's branding and interior decor.

Chalkboard Digital Menu Board

2. Clean and Sharp

Your digital menus must be concise, easy to read, and catchy. The layout of your menu should be organized and broken down into proper categories.

For menus with 20 or more items, look at going with a traditional three-column design. This setup nicely lays out the menu in a left-to-right reading format.

If you have 19 or fewer items, try out a two-column layout.

3. Featured Promotions

For maximum visibility, add a menu TV dedicated to playing only promotions of your specials, new or signature items. Do not display more than three items at a time.

By limiting what your guests are viewing the better you are specifically marketing. You can set the three items to play in the format of a slideshow. You can add short videos, promo slides, or 4k images of your food with simple text on top advertisements.

Donut Shop Digital Menu Boards

What do I need to set up the best digital menu board?

The first question restaurants ask us is what type of TV I should use and what size. It's simple, use any brand tv; a smart TV, genius TV, dumb tv. Now connected to the TV via WiFi will be a digital menu board player. This is what will download and play your menu on tv.

To get the digital menu designed and playing on the tv, you will need digital menu board software. Menu software is a cloud-based website that allows you to create, edit and manage your digital menu boards.

  • TV: $199+, one time cost

  • Digital menu board player: $30 - $110, one time cost

  • Digital Menu Board Software: $20 monthly per screen

What is Digital Menu Board Software?

Digital Menu board software is a cloud-based website software platform that lets you remotely set up and manage your digital menu. From anywhere on any PC, using Digital Menu Software, you will be able:

  • Design your menu with digital menu boards templates

  • Add promotional slideshows featuring ads and slideshows

  • Preschedule your menus to play at defined times automatically

  • Instantly send menus updates or pricing changes to your tvs

Digital Menu POS integrations

If you have multiple locations and are looking to integrate your menu POS to the digital menus, we can help you. By connecting your POS, you can automate the items you display and pricing. This means as your POS updates, so will your menu update. This will ensure that your pricing and items featured are always accurate while eliminating the need for you to log in to two systems to make menu updates.

A simple, turnkey digital menu board solution

Our plug-and-play digital menu board packages will get you a perfectly designed and running digital menu for restaurants of any size. Your menu will be custom-designed and set up for you. When it comes to tvs, you can use any size or brand.

If you have questions or are looking for the best digital menus board, contact us today.

We offer a free review of your menu and free step getting starting advice.

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