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Atlanta, GA Digital Menu Boards

Atlanta, GA Digital Menu Boards

It is possible to make your restaurant appear more current and high-end by using digital menu boards from Atlanta, GA. If you want to enhance sales and make your consumers happier when they order from you, you can, for example, display your best-selling items on digital menus.

Critical Advantages of Atlanta, GA Digital Menu Boards

  • Improve profits: Beautiful photographs, films, and slideshows of brand-new things that are both large and bold are featured.

  • Eliminate Print Costs: Make the switch to digital menus to save money on printing expenditures.

  • Easy Updates: You can make changes right away, and your televisions will automatically update themselves.

  • Enhanced Visibility: The menu is easier to see because of the 4k resolution.

  • Superior Branding: Make use of the colours associated with your brand in the menu design to enhance the image of your company.

Update Wirelessly from Anywhere!

Digital menu boards are simple to update and can be handled from any laptop, PC, or Mac computer with an internet connection. When using our simple digital menu board software, you may design from a distance, include photographs in your menu items, schedule menus to play at specified times, and arrange specials to expire on specific dates and times.

Editable Menu Templates

  • Make your selection from a huge portfolio of digital menu templates, and then alter and add food photographs, videos, tickets, and slideshows with simple drag-and-drop widgets.

Promote desserts and snacks

  • Encourage impulse purchases by incorporating featured, big, and HD portions for your new scrumptious slice of cheesecake.

Specialty Cocktails

  • If you want to increase the average amount spent each order, you'd better advertise that new peach margarita or that new craft brew.

Instagram and Twitter

  • Put your business's social media accounts in the spotlight to get more Likes and add a layer of interesting content.

Calorie Count

  • Comply with FDA guidelines for menus and include nutritional information on the menu.

Rewards Program

  • Promote your restaurant's customer loyalty programme to provide your customers with more value when they dine with you.

Additional benefits

Digital menu boards are advantageous because they provide you entire control and flexibility over the style, pricing, and items that appear on your digital menu boards in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • On the fly updates: adding, removing, or changing an item is straightforward.

  • Use any TV: It is possible to use televisions of any size or brand.

  • Engaging: Colors, brightness, and a seamless design improve the overall appearance of your company.

  • Improve in-store advertising: Increase sales by including slideshows of prominent items on your website.

Multi-Location Central Control

Managing several locations and menu boards in Atlanta, Georgia, is as simple as clicking a mouse button once. This ensures that all of your restaurants have appropriate prices and that your brand's image is consistent throughout the whole organization. Examine new menu items in a single location to determine how well they perform before introducing them to your other fast-casual businesses.

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