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Absolute Definative Guide to Digital Menu Boards

bubble tea digital menu boardtvs

The eye-catching digital menu boards at McDonald's and Dunkin' Donuts have been popping up all over the place recently. If so, you would have spotted big, vivid, and brilliant digital menu tvs presenting their menu.

Additional eye-catching video clips of new items and deals in HD 4k would have caught your eye. Can you see a digital menu board system like this at your restaurant?

Digital menus come in a variety of forms

A digital menu board that is easy to put up and, more significantly, a menu board that helps you sell more is the greatest option for your business. The good news is that you may use any brand and any size television in either scenario. It's also not necessary to have a smart TV.

chalkboard digital menu

Digital Menu Boards with Chalkboard Effect

Easy to read and clean, these chalkboard-style digital menus have become an instant hit. High contrast colors and a well-structured menu design make it easy to find what you're looking for. It's always fun to add some gorgeous visuals and animation to your content by using movies and slideshows!

Menu Boards at Mexican Restaurants

You'll get the edge you've been looking for with Mexican digital menu boards! To set the mood and create a memorable dining experience for your guests, incorporate Latin-style images into your décor.

soul food digital menu boards

Digital Menu Boards for the BBQ Restaurants

Use BBQ digital menus to create a contemporary yet traditional eating experience! With a backyard BBQ, you can still keep it clean and easy to read while preserving the antique feel. Make your meal deal easy to understand while highlighting your signature items with big and bold category headers!

poke bowl digital menus

Digital Menu Boards for Poke Bowl Restaurants

It's time to put together the ultimate Pokebowl Digital Menu Board. Make sure your consumers are walked through the process of making a bowl from start to finish with the right amount of photos and text.

sandwich digital menus

Digital Menu Boards for Sandwich Shops

Sub sandwich digital menu boards are a great way to take your business to the next level. Sandwich digital menus are attractive and easy to keep up-to-date.

Bubble Tea Digital Menu Boards

The greatest way to sell more of your Bubble tea is to include high-quality HD photos of fresh fruits and ingredients. With digital menu boards for bubble tea, you should be able to clearly display all of your menu items in a visually appealing way!

Digital Menu Boards for Breakfast

Stand out with a prescheduled autoplay of your breakfast digital menu board. Breakfast menu boards can be used in a variety of ways to entice customers, from listing your breakfast dishes to giving special coffee and breakfast biscuit sandwich combo bargains. Create a one-of-a-kind experience for your customers by using digital menus!

Menu Displays for Ice Cream Shops

Digital menu boards for ice cream parlors can be used to create a unique ordering experience. Make your ice cream business stand out from the competition by using eye-catching colors and designs to promote seasonal shakes, Sundays, and new flavors!

fast casual digital menu tvs

Digital Menus for Fast Casual Dining

Fast-casual digital menu boards can be used to modernize a restaurant's look and feel. Digital menus for fast-casual restaurants are a great way to enhance sales and improve the customer experience by showing your menu items in a clear and concise manner.

Digital Menus of Pizza Shops

Pizza sales need to go up! Enhance customer service and stand out from the crowd. The use of digital menu boards in pizzerias is a simple and fast solution to boost pizza sales and modernize the look of the establishment.

Digital Menu Boards at Coffee Shops

Create a modern, clean, and appealing atmosphere that will help you sell more coffee at the same time. Using coffee house digital menu boards, you can increase earnings and enhance your brand by showcasing your new seasonal drinks and listing them properly on your menu.

snack kiosk digital menu boards

Digital menu boards that can be stored on USB flash drives

USB thumb drive digital menu boards are a free and low-cost method for displaying your menu in a fixed format. To use your menu, put it on a thumb drive and plug it into the TV. For establishments that don't modify their menus frequently, this option is ideal.

It's possible to set up video and slideshow zones on a USB thumb drive digital menu board, but it won't allow for any wireless updates. Each television must be manually configured each morning so that the USB device can be used. Restaurants often lack the time and resources to make alterations to their setup on a daily basis.

Wireless Menu Boards

Wireless digital menus are a popular choice since they provide you with entire control and flexibility over the selections. Restaurants will be able to use digital menu board software to:

  • Using the customizable digital menu templates, they can quickly and easily construct their menu

  • Video and slide displays can be added to the website

  • Specials and dayparting options should be scheduled ahead of time

  • The TV's will automatically update pricing and goods whenever the user changes them on their PC

In what ways can I use digital menus to boost sales?

You'll see a big rise in both sales and customer satisfaction if you follow these eight tips when using digital menus:

1. Boost revenue and brand recognition

People recall visual material for up to three days after seeing it, according to a recent study. Now, how does that affect my bottom line? Full-screen, vivid media marketing of your most profitable products is crucial since consumers buy with their eyes. Sales of selected products will rise as soon as you play them on the screen. Keep the wording and image simple.

2. Organize a Playlist of Specials

Pre-select your digital menus to play promos and advertise automatically on game days and holidays. An example of this would be 9n NFL football Sundays' $.99 wing bargains and 9.99 pitchers of beer. One of the finest ways to promote and upsell the best and most popular goods is through this form of targeted menu selling.

3. Pick up and telephone orders

Use digital menu boards to remind customers to order by phone for takeout and delivery. Add exclusive phone order promotions to entice your customers to order online. Examples:

  • Chili Cheese Hotdogs with Seasoned Tater Tots for $9.99

  • 2 XL Pizzas with Wings for $29.99

  • Double Angus Bacon Burger with Jalapeno Poppers for $11.99

4. Text Needs to Be Visible and Large

Make sure your digital menus headers are bold and big for simple, easy reading. The menu item text also needs to be large enough to read. Consider using high contrasting colors to help make the text pop out.

5. Effortless Promotions

Avoid overcrowding your digital menu board with things that are difficult to read. To better position products for sale, give them mouthwatering food category titles like "Home Made Soups." You can enhance the number of impulse purchases by employing descriptive product names. Add a slideshow of photographs of your most popular dishes to various sections of your digital menus.

6. Tickers Advertising

At the very bottom of your menu, place custom scrolling text tickers. When promoting your takeout and delivery deals or customer loyalty programs, for example, list out specials. Your guests will be drawn in by the ticker's unobtrusive scrolling text.

7. Well Balance Design

The overall layout of the columns should be well-spaced and logical. If your menu includes at least 26 items, you might want to use a three-column layout.

8. Colors

Your restaurant's brand should be reflected in the style of your menu. Use a color scheme that is consistent with the hues in your logo. Improve your brand's image and differentiate yourself from the competition by being original.

Why should I choose a digital menu board?

We recommend a wireless digital menu system based on our expertise. Design, update and manage your whole digital menu instantly with any PC, MAC, or Laptop when going wireless.

Wireless digital menu boards are more reliable and easier to set up than their wired counterparts. Once you get the hang of it, you won't have to worry about configuring a USB every day to play your menu.

You can use any brand and any size of TV you like. A digital menu board player is required for each television in order to display your menu. It's easy to carry around one of these devices, which link to your TV via HDMI and WiFi. Using 3M Velcro, they can be attached to the back of each tv and measure just 4 x 4" x 1".

Digital Menu Boards that are ready-to-use

Restaurants searching for a personalized, professionally designed digital menu can hire a business that provides a complete solution, which includes the creation of a digital menu:

  • The design and implementation of a custom digital menu template

  • Digital menu board software that is reliable and easy to use

  • Getting your menus up and running straight away is a simple and quick process

We can help you!

At the Menu Design Group, we provide digital menu board solutions that are accessible, effective, and inexpensive. Whether you're looking for a personalized menu set up or a TV that meets your budget and demands, we can help.

Let us know if you're still unsure or have any concerns. We're here to help, and we'll provide you with a step-by-step guide on setting up your digital menu.

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