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14 Reasons To Use Digital Menu Boards

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

minimalistic style digital menu board

Digital menu boards will make your business look more up-to-date, which will encourage customers to return. In addition, you can utilize digital menus to improve your restaurant's menu management while increasing earnings by displaying your items in an appealing, easy-to-read format or by integrating delicious photographic slideshows of your items.

1. Boost revenue and your bottom line

By highlighting new items and other higher-margin items on your digital menu boards, you will be able to improve your revenues more rapidly.

2. Up and Cross-Selling

As previously mentioned, people buy with their eyes. Include videos and photographs of your signature tasty dishes and your exclusive drinks and desserts to capture your guest's attention. Consider including promotions likes "Onion Blossom Rings for 8.99."

3. Restaurant Text Message Marketing

Let's say you've got a restaurant SMS marketing system in place. Make use of an SMS call to action on your digital menu boards to attract more customers to your mobile offers system. Add a call to action on your digital menu like "TEXT 74512 free Cheese Breadsticks to 46321" would be an illustration.

4. Publicity and promotions

Set up showcases in 4K quality that is both brilliant and eye-catching. Promote forthcoming weekend specials or show off your new Tripple Melt Philly Cheesesteak with Bacon and a side of Crinkle Cut fries.

breakfast cafe digital menus

5. LTO Advertising

Pre-schedule and advertise your featured limited-time offers and deals to automatically play on and expire on the exact dates that you define.

6. Increase the Loyalty of Your Customers

Make your customers aware of your rewards and loyalty programs, and encourage them to join them. Include Customer Loyalty ads on your digital menus!

7. Delivery and Take Out Orders

Inform your customers that they may order and have it delivered online! This will boost sales and attract customers to come back. Consider adding UberEats and DoorDash logos to your digital menus with a simple call to action "We are On."

8. Drive Social Media Engagements

Show off customer feedback and comments on your restaurant's digital menu boards. Contact your restaurant's Instagram and Twitter accounts on the TVs and stream real-time updates and posts from the establishments to increase the number of people who see your social media profiles.

9. Menu Rotations

Easy menu scheduling lets you adjust the order in which menus are played and changed based on the day and time played. Let's imagine you want your happy hour or menu to vary based on the time of day automatically. You may program your playlist of menus to play at any time using digital menu boards.

Mexican digital menus

10. Integrate Your Restaurant's Point of Sale System (POS)

Optimize and simplify updating your menu by connecting your point of sale system to the digital menu boards. When you link it, the descriptions and prices of your items will automatically be fetched and shown on your menu. In addition, if you run out of a specific item, your menu display will automatically update to "Sold Out." Multi-location restaurants will benefit significantly from a digital menu POS integration.

11. Smart or Dumb TVs

Transform any type and size TV into a digital menu board regardless of its size, brand, or model. Whether you have a new smart TV or an old standby, it makes no difference.

12. Change from anywhere

To keep your digital menu tv up to date, all you need is an internet-connected computer, laptop, or MAC. After that, you'll be able to change, administer, and control your digital menus with the digital menu board software.

13. Local Events

Become an area center for events and promotions. Include news and updates about upcoming concerts and events.

14. Update from anywhere

You will be able to access, see, modify, and administer all of your menu boards from any business location, including your office, home, or even the beach. The menu tvs will immediately update with any changes you make on your PC.

Your menus can also be scheduled to update at predetermined intervals. You'll also be able to see if each screen is connected and when the most recent menu update was downloaded, as well as its current status.

salad bar digital menu boards

Examples of Digital Menus

1. Digital Chalkboard Menu Boards

Chalkboard digital menus are an immediate classic because they're easy to read, neat, and well-organized visually. The bright, high-contrast colors and well-organized menu layout make it easy to find what you're looking for. In addition, aesthetic flair and movement can be added by including featured items, films, and slideshows.

2. Digital Menu Boards for Mexican restaurants

Mexican digital menu boards in vibrant colors can help you stand out from the competition. Set the mood with Latin-style graphics and eye-catching visual components to create a memorable dining experience for your visitors.

3. Digital Menu Boards for BBQ Restaurants

BBQ digital menus can help you create a new take on a classic dish. Use lean and easy-to-read BBQ digital menus to create a vintage backyard BBQ ambiance. A great way to showcase your meal deal is to include your hallmark items in large, bold category headers at the top of the page.

4. Poke bowl Digital Menus

Set up a Pokebowl Digital Menu Board of your design! Use the right combination of visuals and language to guide your consumers through the bowl-building process.

5. Sandwich Shop Digital Menu Boards

Sub sandwich digital menu boards will help your sandwich store soar! Sandwich digital menus are modern and up-to-date, as well as visually appealing.

6. Smoothie Shop Digital menus

Nothing sells more smoothies than high-definition photos of fresh fruit and other components. You'll want to list your menu items on smoothie digital menu boards in a way that's different and visually stunning!

7. Digital Menu Boards for Breakfast

During your morning hours, have your breakfast digital menu board auto-play! Use breakfast menu boards to get your customers' attention by listing your breakfast offerings or giving exceptional coffee and breakfast biscuit sandwich discounts. Digital menus can help you create memorable experiences for your customers that will keep them coming back for more!

8. Digital Menu Boards for Fast-Casual Chains

Use fast-casual digital menu boards to modernize and upscale your establishment's environment. Increase sales and improve the ordering experience for your guests with fast-casual digital menus, which provide your menu items in a clear and easy-to-read style.

Bubble tea digital menu boards

How do Digital Menu Boards Works?

Any TV and USB thumb drive can be used with a digital menu board to play your menu. The disadvantage of utilizing a USB is that remote updates are not possible. The TV must be manually configured to play from the USB, and your digital menu template cannot be created and edited.

There are several straightforward digital menu board solutions out there. A few of these include a digital menu board software platform, digital menu signage player, and television. You can quickly customize your digital menu template while upgrading the tv remote with this type of digital menu board solution. In addition, setting up and controlling your digital menus will be much more flexible and reliable with this added level of control.

Do digital menu boards come with a price?

For example, let's say you decide on a straightforward 55 "Digital menu and media player on your television. Your initial investment would be around $300 for the TV cost, and your digital menu board software would cost you $10 per month. However, you can design, edit, and manage your menu tvs using the menu board software available on your computer and the cloud. If you have an existing TV, you can use that!

Create a digital menu board by following these steps:

Any TV, regardless of size or brand, can serve as a digital menu display. So use any size TV to get started:

List no more than twenty-five items per screen if you want a digital menu board with graphics and options.

There should be about thirty-six items listed per television if you wish to show your menu items solely on the screen.

Keep in mind that if you try to fifty items on a single television, your digital menu will be cluttered and difficult to navigate.

Digital Menu Boards in PowerPoint

You may construct your menu in PowerPoint and then export it as an image to a USB thumb drive and play it on the TV via USB. This is a no-cost but manual process.

When it comes to menu design, PowerPoint isn't the best tool for creating digital menu boards. Instead, the menu will play from the USB device every day without you having to do anything.

Use digital menu board software to create and customize your menu board tv template if you require digital menu board templates to begin started.

Our digital menu boards a type of television set (television)?

Without a doubt, yes. You can create a digital menu board on any TV, no matter its size or brand! Use a menu board signage player or a USB thumb drive to transfer your menu from your computer to the television.

How to develop a digital menu template that works well

Keep your layout neat and orderly when creating your design. By listing your menu categories and sections, we mean making sure they are evenly placed so that the information flows naturally from left to right. Also, make sure to provide space for photographs and videos of your cuisine being produced in the kitchen taken by professionals.

To increase visibility, choose colors and themes with a solid contrast. Consider including your logo's colors in the design as well.


Let us know if you need assistance with your digital menu design! We can build a digital menu template for you once and answer all of your inquiries afterward.

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