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13 Advantages of Digital Menus + FAQ

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

lunch specials digital menu board

It's no secret. Digital menu boards will transform your restaurant into a modern establishment that your guests will keep coming back to. From nicely show your items in an easy-to-read fashion to including mouthwatering image slideshows of your items, you can use digital menus to dramatically improve the way you manage your restaurant's menu while raising your profits.

1. Improve sales and margins

Because digital menu boards are digital, you will be able to quickly increase your profits by spotlighting new items and other higher-margin items.

2. Cross and Upsell

Because people buy with their eyes, include vivid, eye-catching videos and images of your signature appetizers, specialty drinks, and desserts. Make sure to have a special call to action like, "Get started with a Shrimp Trio for $9.99."

hamburger digital menu boards

3. SMS Advertising

Suppose you have an SMS marketing platform. Add an SMS call to action on your digital menu boards to add more guests to your exclusive mobile deals platform. An example would be "Text Free Breadsticks to 46321 to receive a Free Order of Cheesy Bread". By featuring this type of promotion on your menu boards, you will sign up more for your marketing deals!

4. Promotions and advertising

Set up full-screen 4k quality ultra-bright and engaging slideshows. These can feature images of your most popular and signature items, promote upcoming Friday night specials, or showcase your new lava melt chocolate cakes.

5. Limited time offers (LTOs)

Strategically schedule and promote your featured new offers, deals, and offers—pre-set your specials to play and expire on defined dates and times.

6. Improve Customer Loyalty

Create awareness and drive your customers to sign up for your rewards and loyalty programs. By featuring this type of promotion on your tv, you can rest assure that every customer will take notice.

hummus digital menu boards

7. Online Ordering, Doordash, Uber eats, and Delivery

Let your guest know that they can order online and have it delivered! This will help to encourage sales and help drive repeat business. If your guests know they order online, you will add to your repeat business and improve your guest's loyalty.

8. Reviews and Social Media

Use digital menu boards to show off guest reviews and comments about your restaurant. Connect your Instagram and Twitter accounts to the screens to stream live updates and posts from restaurants to drive traction and follows of your social media accounts.

9. Schedule your menus for dayparting

Easily change and preschedule your menus to auto-play and change by the date and time of date. For example, say you have a happy hour or want your menu to auto-change. With digital menu boards, you will set your playlist schedule of menus to play whenever you want.

10. Connect Your Restaurant POS

Automatic and streamline the way your update your menu by syncing your POS with the digital menus. You can set it so your item's descriptions and pricing will auto pull and display on your menu when connecting it. This ensures that all items are accurate, plus your menu display will auto-update to "Sold Out" if you run out of a specific item. A POS integration is ideal for restaurants that have multiple locations.

11. Use any tv

Transform any size, brand, and type of tv into a digital menu board. It doesn't matter if it's a smart tv or an old one you have, you can use any!

12. Easily update your menus

When it comes to updating your digital menu tv, all you need is a computer, laptop, or MAC and internet. Then, using the digital menu board software, you can edit, manage and control your digital menus.

13. New locations and events

Use your menu boards to promote your upcoming new location grand opening. This will help create awareness of your other locations.

14. Remotely monitor and control

From any corporate location, your office, house, or even the beach, you will be able to access, view, edit, and manage all of your menu boards. All updates that you make on your computer will automatically be reflected on the menu tvs. You can also preschedule your menus to update on defined times. In addition, you will be able to view the status of each screen, if it's connected, and when it made the last menu update download.

And now FAQ…

How does a digital menu board work?

A digital menu board works using any tv and USB thumb drive to play your menu. The downside to using a USB is you cannot make remote updates, you would have manually set up the tv to play from the USB, and you wouldn't have a way to create and edit your digital menu template easily.

If you're looking for an easy best digital menu board solution, consider using a digital menu board software platform, digital menu signage player, and a tv. This type of digital menu board solution will let you easily design your menu template while updating the tv remote. This extra level of control allows for maximum flexibility and reliability when setting up and managing your digital menus.

How much does a digital menu board cost?

Let's say you go with a simple 55" tv as your digital menu and a media player. Your one-time costs would be approx $499; in addition, you would be looking at $10 monthly for your digital menu board software. The menu board software will let you design, update manage your menu tvs via the cloud and your computer.

PowerPoint Digital Menu Boards

If you want to use a USB thumb drive to play your menu on the TV, you can use PowerPoint to create your menu with then save it to the USB as an image. This approach is free and relatively easy to do.

The downside is PowerPoint for digital menu board design is it's not the greatest when it comes to designing your menu. In addition, you will go into your tvs setting every day to get the menu playing from the USB drive.

FREE TIP: If you need digital menu board templates to help you get started consider using digital menu board software to design and edit your menu board tv template.

Our digital menu boards tvs?

Yes, absolutely. You turn any size or brand tv into a digital menu board tv! Then, either uses a menu board signage player or USB thumb drive to get your menu on to the tv.

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