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pizza digital menu boards

Pizza Digital Menu Boards

Sell more pizza! Create better guest experiences and stand out from

local competition. Use any TV to get started!

Easy Pizzeria Digital Menu Boards

Pizzeria digital menu boards are an easy and fast way to improve pizza sales while upgrading the way

you update and manage your pizza menu.


You can use pizza shop, digital menu boards, too:


Promote Items

New featured deals and specials


Highlight signature and specialty pizzas

Showcase Your Menu

Beautifully display your menu in ultra 4K crisp resolutions

Save Money

Eliminate printing new menu costs

Stand Out

Improve your guest's experiences


pizza menu digital menu boards

5 Advantages of Pizzeria Digital Menu Boards


If used, a pizza shop digital menu can give you an instant return on an objective with dramatically improving

the way you advertise and display your pizza menu. 

Let's now look at seven ways pizzeria menu boards can help you:


Increase Profits 

Go big with full-screen deal slideshows to emphasize what you want to sell more of

Easy Changes

update and edit your menu within minutes.

Improved Visibility

Include eye-catching images of your Pizza, appetizers, and desserts

Sell More

Showcase your highest margin items like Pizza by the Slice." 

Improve Image

Create a modern, more up-to-date menu.

pizzeria menu boards

Remotely Manage and Update Your Menu


Using our drag and drop pizza digital menu board software, you will be able to set up and manage your pizza shop's digital menus.


Templates: choose from customizable pizza digital menu templates

Menu Items: easily add your items, prices, descriptions

Free Stock Images: add pizza images from our royalty-free 4k media library

Scheduling: Preschedules specials and menu to play at defined times 


pizza and chicken wings digital menu boa

Types of Pizza Digital Menus


The design of your pizza menu is essential to the success of your new pizza menus. An overcrowded menu that

has too many items listed or long descriptions are hard to read and overwhelming. 

Black on White 


Clean and straightforward, a black on White Pizza digital menu board stands out. The white letters jump out and are easy to read.

Pair that up with listing only 20 items you have a well-balanced pizza menu.


Traditional Three Column


A favorite for pizzerias, three-column menus nicely separate your reading while adding the ability to list more items, around 35.

These types of Pizza shop digital menu boards are the most popular and effective.

pizzeria digital menu boards

How Do I Set Up Pizza Digital Menu Boards?


Use any tv. If you have around 70 items, go with about three 48"+ tvs. To get the menu on your tv will

need digital menu board software to design your menu. The software will let you pick from customizable

pizza digital menu templates.  You easily add your menu items, images, prices, and specials. 


Pizza Menu Digital Menu Design Help


If you are looking for a professionally designed menu but don't have the skills to do it yourself, we can help you.

Please send us your menu and pick out the style you like. 


From there, we will create a proof and send it back to you to review and provide feedback.

Once you approve the final updated design, we will build it in the pizza digital menu board software.

You will receive an eye-catching menu that looks stunning on your pizzeria digital menus!




Pizzeria digital menu boards are reliable, efficient, and effective.

When designing your menu, please keep it simple, clean, and easy to read. 


If you need help getting your digital menus up and running, we can help you.


We offer a free menu analysis and set you up with a complete pizza shop digital menu solution

that is professionally designed to set you apart from your competition!

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