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Fast Casual Digital Menu Boards

Modernize and create an upscale ambiance using fast-casual digital menu boards. From beautifully displaying your menu items in a clean and easy-to-read format to showcasing your highest margin items, use fast-casual digital menus to increase sales and improve your guest's ordering experience.

Critical Advantages of Fast Casual Digital Menu Boards


  • Improve profits: beautifully feature big and bold new item images, videos, and slideshows

  • Eliminate Print Costs: upgrade to digital menus and cut printing costs

  • Easy Updates: instantly edit items, and your TVs will automatically update

  • Enhanced Visibility: crisp and clear 4k resolutions for easy menu reading

  • Superior Branding: include your brand's colors in the menu design to reinforce your brand's image


Wirelessly Update from Anywhere!


Fast-casual digital menu boards can be easily updated and controlled from any laptop, pc, or mac from anywhere. Using our intuitive digital menu board software you will be able to remotely design, insert your menu items with images, Preschedules menus to play at specific times, and set your specials to expire on desired dates.


Customizable Menu Templates


  • Choose from a complete library of fast-casual menu templates, use the drag and drop widgets to easily edit and insert food images, videos, tickets, and slideshows.


Upsell Desserts and Appetizers


  • Include featured, large, and HD sections for your new tasty slice of cheesecake to drive impulse orders.


Specialty Cocktails


  • Better promote that new peach margarita or a new beer to increase your per order average totals.


Instagram and Twitter


  • Spotlight your companies social media accounts to increase your Likes while adding a layer of engaging content. 


Calorie Count


  • Meet FDA menu requirements and list out nutritional related information 


Rewards Program


  • Promote your fast-casual restaurant's loyalty program to add additional value to your guest's dining experience



Additional benefits


Because fast-casual digital menu boards are digital, you have complete control and flexibility over your digital menu design, prices and items listed.


  • On the fly updates: easily add, delete or edit an item

  • Use any TV: any brand or size tv can be used

  • Engaging: the colors, brightness, and sleek look improve your brand's image

  • Improve in-store advertising: add featured items slideshows to drive sales


Multi-Location Central Control


Manage multiple locations, fast-casual menu boards with one click of your mouse. This ensures consistent, accurate pricing at all of your restaurants while ensuring your brand's image is consistent across all locations. Run location-specific new items to test the success before rolling it out to your other fast-casual restaurants.


How do I get started?


First, make sure you have an up-to-date menu, then count all items. Second, measure the space you have for the digital menus.


If you have approximately 75 items, three 43" or bigger TVs will nicely fit your menu. This setup would well work around 25 items per tv while allowing enough space to add images. 


Tip: tvs can fit around 35 items per screen. For optimal reading, add around 20 items per digital menu. 


How can we help you?


Using our fast-casual digital menu board software, you will be able to quickly design, edit and manage all of your digital menus. If you need help, we offer custom fast-casual digital menu board design. This will get you a completely custom menu layout that is professionally done, clean, and visually stunning. 

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