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digital menu board FAQ

Digital Menu Board FAQ

Because digital menus can be confusing, and there is a lot of information out there we've outlined a comprehensive list of questions with answers that restaurants ask us every day.

If you have more questions or need help contact us today!

What type of Digital Menu Board Hardware do I Need?


All that you need is:


  1. A TV: any size or brand will work

  2. A Media player: connects to the TV via HDMI and starts at only $30 ea


If you get an Android TV, you won't need a media player because we have a free digital menu board app that you can install onto the Android TV. This app will download you and play your digital menu on the TV.


Do I need to purchase a "smart TV"?


No, you can use any brand, size, or type of TV. Just make sure that the TV has an HDMI input.

What Size TV do I Need?


It comes down to the number of items on your menu.

If you want to display your menu with no images, we suggest listing no more than 30 items. Anything over 30 will get crowded and hard to read.


If you want to include images, list no more than 20 items so you have space for images.


If you are not sure, contact us today. We can review your menu and make suggestions.


What are the average TV sizes?


To determine what size TV digital menu you need, first measure your space. Once you have the dimensions, go and purchase a TV!


Below are average TV size dimensions:

  • 32" : 28" w x 16" h

  • 40" : 35" w x 20" h

  • 43" : 38" w x 20" h

  • 50" : 44" w x 25" h

  • 55" : 48" w x 28" h

  • 60" : 53" w x 30: h

  • 65" : 57" w x 32" h

  • 70" : 62" w x 35" h

  • 75" : 66" w x 37" h

  • 80" : 70" w x 40" h

  • 85" : 75" w x 32" h  


What is included with the 30-day trial?


It is simple. No credit card is needed to sign up, and you don't have to sign a contract.


You don't have to buy Hardware or be locked into anything.


The free trial will let you test run digital menu boards, allowing you to see them first hand.


What does your digital menu board system include?


Our solution includes everything your restaurant needs to increase your overall bottom line:


  • High impact digital menu board design

  • Advanced restaurant menu board player

  • Remote digital menu template design set-up

  • Drag and drop digital menu board software


Who creates the digital menu board for me? 


Our staff of professional graphic designers will custom design and create a completely animated digital menu for you. All that you need to do is tell us what items you want to sell more of, and we will do the rest. All updates for the digital menu board system will be done remotely. 


How will my restaurant digital menu be created?


A team of experienced professionals will design, create, set up, and install this digital menu board system for you. Simply send us your menu and images, and we will take care of the rest.


Based on the theme you like, we will create a design and send you a proof to review. The proof revisions are unlimited. From there, you will provide feedback, and we will provide edits. 


This process is unlimited with proofs and not finalized until you approve the design.

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