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Digital Menu Boards

Improve the way you display your menu using digital menu boards!
Display your entire menu, images, featured specials, and upsell promotions.


  • Spotlight featured items

  • Add food images & slideshows

  • Preschedule menus for dayparting

Mexican Digital Menu Boards

7 Locations
3 Digital Menu Boards per restaurant

Chinese Digital Menu Boards

16 Locations
4 Digital Menus per restaurant

Fast Casual Digital Menu Boards
Pizza Digital Menu Boards

3 Locations
5 Digital Menus per restaurant

4 Locations
3 Digital Menus per restaurant

Coffee Shop Digital Menu Boards

12 Locations
2 Digital Menus per restaurant

1. Sell More Food

Feature your high-margin dishes to increase your bottom lines profits


2. Improve Your Image

Enhance your brand's perception with stunning HD media

3. Engage with Eye-Catching Media

Include vivid images and videos of appetizers, new items, signature dishes, and desserts

4. Reduce Order Times

Neatly display your menu with a crisp and clean menu layout

5. Reduce Costs 

Reduce your menu printing costs when using digital menus

6. Total Control 

Make on the fly changes to pricing, items, and images from any computer

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Easy To Set Up

Digital Menu Boards give you the flexibility to digitally display your entire menu in a clean and modern fashion. Add eye-catching videos to setting up a chalkboard-style digital menu, you will take your restaurant to the next level!


  • Visually engaging and easy to read

  • Use any brand and size TV

  • 4K for ultra-clear and bright menus

Fast casual digital menu

Use any size or brand TV!




The menu boards can be designed to match your brands colors and theme


simple to edit

From your computer, laptop or MAC you can change prices, update items, and insert images



The combination of HD graphics, videos and menu board layout will stand

digital menu board.png


When it comes to digital menus design, it comes down to balance. Click here for a quick start digital menu board guide! Feature an organized layout that visually flows, and incorporates the perfect combination of images. A compelling digital menu display is:

  • Organized into clear and concise categories

  • Utilizes high-contrasting color's 

  • Features short yet descriptive descriptions

  • Includes food image slideshows


menu design example

Improve Sales

Sell more food and high margin drinks and appetizers

restaurant menu template accent lines

Enhance Branding

Display engaging and visually stunning menu board layouts

restaurant menu template design

Easy Management

Upload your menu items, prices, and descriptions

menu template food images

Beautiful Imagery

Add food image slideshows and motion graphics

restaurant menu typography

Remotely Manage

Create and manage your menus from anywhere

menu design colors

Reduce Costs

Eliminate printed menu and or chalkboard editing costs

menu design template ideas

Streamline Updates

Make instant adjustments to your menu

restaurant template ideas

Modern and Clean

Upgrade to 4K Ultra HD menus!

fast food digital menu boards


How your menu is laid out and its readability is critical. Keeping a clean and organized menu will decrease wait lines and help you spotlight new items.


Included with our solution is a complete library of premium menu templates to choose from and customize:


With over a decade in the digital menu board market and having helped 4,842 restaurants, we have successfully deployed 12,542 digital menu boards.


For we offer:


  • Customizable digital menu board templates that help you get started fast and easy

  • A simple yet robust platform for creating and managing your menu

  • Drag and drop digital menu board software

  • Professional menu design and set up services

  • Scalable menu solutions that are stable and mature

  • Discounts for multiple menus and locations

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Our free 30-day digital menu board software trial will let you:


  • Easily create your menu and send it to any TV

  • Use your computer to design the menu

  • Customize a menu template or upload your menu

  • Setup dayparting menus to auto-update for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or specials 


You will also receive:


  • Free training 

  • Free step by step assistance

  • Free menu board design guidance

  • Free TV set up phone assistance

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