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Digital Menu Templates

Digital Menu Board Templates

A well-designed digital menu board template is the secret to streamlining how you manage and update your digital menus, improving your ability to display your menu better, enhancing your restaurant's image. Most importantly, it will help you sell more food!

Design Tips to Make the Best Digital Menu Template


Viewability and ease of reading is the essential part to remember. A digital menu board template that is jammed full of small images is hard to read, and you can barely see the pictures. 


1. Items: don't add too many


Suppose you want a straightforward and catchy menu that is clean and easy to read. List no more than 28 items per tv. Why? Less is more. You have optimal space, larger font sizes, and more area to get creative with regarding the layout.


2. Images: proper sizing 


Have you ever seen a digital menu board template that has many tiny small images of food? Those photos will be way too small and don't do much when it comes to promotion.


With digital menu boards, it's best to dedicate at least one full tv to exclusively being used for images, videos, and slideshows of your items.


Include engaging, 4k promotional slides that feature your signature items, specialty drinks, appetizer combos, and desserts. These full-screen ads will create maximum awareness and drive sales of the things you promote.


3. Colors: high contrasting


The background and text colors play a significant role in visibility, branding, and ambiance. Colors like black on white or royal blue on deep orange stand out and grab attention. The menu items will be easier to read, and your digital menu template will create the instant cool factor!


4. Layout: well balanced


Visual flow is key to how your guests will view and read your digital menu boards. If you have more than 25 items on your menu, a traditional three-column will do an excellent job at organizing your menu for best readability. If you have less than 24 items, you can begin to get more creative with the layout and look at a two-column design with sleek images.


5. Ambiance: adding character


The colors, icons, background graphics, and borders all play into your restaurant's branding and public image. How your digital menu template appears is will be a direct interpretation of your restaurant's image and food.


How to set up a digital menu board template?


It begins with making sure your menu is current. Ensure all prices, items, and descriptions are 100% accurate. 


Now, take a total count of how many items you have and make sure they are broken into categories. And nowhere is a breakdown of how many things you should put on each digital menu board template:


  • 27 and less: easier to read and better looking

  • 28 and more: harder to read and crowded


For colors, look at your logo and select two colors. For your digital menu template design, look at incorporating two high contrasting colors. Try and utilize the colors of your logo. This helps to maintain branding consistency.


Images, take professional-quality food images and make sure to include those into your digital menu display template.



PowerPoint Digital Menu Templates


Using PowerPoint digital menu templates is an easy and quick way to design your menu. PowerPoint digital menu board templates allow you to easily edit and add items, move items around, and insert images. 


You can change all colors, font styles, and layout styles. The major problem is the natural ability of the user when using PowerPoint for digital menu boards. If the user is not good with the design, then the PowerPoint digital menu template will not look the greatest.



Custom Digital Menu Template Design


Suppose you're looking for a high-impact, effective, digital menu template that is professionally designed for you, then we can help you. Send us your menu, and we can do a free menu review, answer your questions and provide you with expert suggestions. Your complete menu items, restaurant colors, logo, and food images will be creatively designed into your digital menu template. 

After your custom menu template is created, we will then set it up in our digital signage software. You will have full access to the menu and will be able to make edits and changes to your digital menu template.

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