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Digital Menu Board Software

Digital Menu Board Software

With the right digital menu board software, restaurants of any size will easily and remotely create and maintain their digital menus using any computer or laptop. Keep reading to discover how you can use digital menu board software to increase profits and improve efficiency.

5 Benefits of digital menu software


When it comes to digital menus, how your menu looks plays a major role in how you can improve your bottom line profits. Digital menu board software gives you all the tools needed to design eye-catching digital menu boards that match your brand's requirements. 


  1. Increase your order averages size: add featured video ads and images of your highest margin food items

  2. Decrease ordering wait lines: the 4k vivid digital menus are easier to read and stand out

  3. Improve the dining experience: create a modern ambiance that is with the times

  4. Enhance brand perception: incorporate your restaurant's colors, logo, and tone into the digital menu design

  5. Promote your social media accounts: connect your Twitter and Instagram accounts to share live social updates

What can I do with digital menu board software?


From designing your digital menu template to scheduling your menus to play on specific times like breakfast and lunch, you can use digital menu software to control your restaurant's menu tvs!


  • Easily design and manage your menus items

  • Add eye-catching food images and videos

  • Make edits from anywhere at any time

  • Improve the way you promote essential items, drinks, and desserts

  • All that you need is a tv, computer, and wifi to get started

What are the advantages of using digital menu board software?


For starters, if the menu software is good, you will have an all-in-one tool for setting up and controlling your digital menu boards. From a usability standpoint, the digital menu board software must be user-friendly. Inputting your menu items, moving and adding images, and remotely updating your digital menus are all things that you will be able to do. 


  1. Set up easy to read, visually striking digital menus that grab attention

  2. Upload your food images and videos

  3. Create slideshows of food item specials 

  4. Make all menu updates on your computer, and your TVs will instantly update with new menus

  5. Save money on printing and installation of new sign menu boards


Top 3 Reasons to Use Digital Menu Boards Software?


From creating a fresh and upscale ambiance to improving the way you manage and update your digital menus, you can use digital menu board software to enhance your ability to control your menu boards dramatically!

1. All-in-One Menu Management Software


Always ensure that your menu is accurate and up to date. Create your digital menus, remotely update and change your item's prices, names, descriptions, and prices.

2. Cost-effective


Eliminate the need to pay for updated printed menus. Digitally update your menus using digital menu boards.


3. Modern


Take your restaurant to the 21st century with contemporary and clean digital menu boards!

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