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13 Types of Digital Menu Boards

In their simplest form, digital menu boards are one of the most effective ways to display your menu template. From being bright and clear to the ability to make quick, instant changes that auto-update on your digital menu tvs, digital menu boards are one of the easiest and fastest ways to improve food sales while enhancing your brand's image.

What are digital menu boards?


A digital menu board is a display that is digitally displaying your menu! From showcasing your menu in a text-only format to visually engaging videos, images, and other media, digital menu boards are an easy and effective way to have complete control over your menu. 


In the simplest form, USB thumb drives can be used to load your digital menu onto any TV. This method is low cost and easy; the downside is you cannot remotely update the menu boards and will need to use a third-party platform to design your digital menu template.


If you are looking to edit and manage your digital menu remotely, you will need a digital menu board software platform with easy to edit digital menu board templates.


Free tip: you can use any size or brand. Keep reading to unlock the secrets of a digital menu board.

Digital Menu Boards


Transform your TV into the perfect digital menu. Exquisitely feature 8k images and motion graphics to dramatically enhance how your restaurant menu is displayed while increasing your sales. In addition, you can use a digital menu board to create that perfect wow factor.


  • Digital menus are easy to read and will speed up your guests ordering time

  • Reduce perceived wait times

  • Improve sales of your highest margin items

  • Integrate your POS for automatic pricing and item updates

  • Preset particular menus to play on the exact times you need


Because digital menu boards are such influential restaurants, they see an instant return on investment and objective. 

  • See an update to your restaurant ordering area

  • Create a modern and enjoyable experience using digital menu boards

  • Improve the way you advertise and promote your menu items

  • Promote your customer loyalty and contain online programs

BBQ Digital Menu Boards


There is nothing like ribs fresh out of the smoker or pork chops swearing on the grill! Utilize bbq digital menu boards to showcase your pitmaster skills beautifully while including eye-catching videos of flames flying in the background. 


When setting up your bbq digital menu, consider following these tips:


  • Use Wood grain, red checkered table cloth, and black backgrounds to fit the bbq menu theme 

  • Use bold, easy to read category titles for easy reading

  • Look at doing a build your plate section to simplify the reading and ordering process


Another significant benefit of bbq digital menus is the ability to remotely and instantly update items that sell out during the day. All menu items that you make on the computer will wirelessly be downloaded by the bbq digital menu boards and play. 

Concession Stand Digital Menu Boards


Bring your concession stand alive and attract more traffic using concession stand digital menus. Beautifully display your menu items and prices and include catchy images to improve how you promote your concession stand menu. 


  • Set up full-screen video and image slideshows of your highest margin items

  • Upsell that XL slushie 

  • Turn any TV into a digital menu board

  • Include catchy scrolling tickers that list out specials and or promote specific menu items


Vegan Digital Menu Boards


Deploy vegan restaurant digital menu boards to transform your vegan restaurant into a trendy upscale establishment. Set up a clean and easy-to-read vegan digital menu that perfectly reflects your brand's image.


  • Spotlight your restaurant's logo to improve your brand's recognition

  • Preschedule specific specials and menus to automatically play at specific times

  • Add your restaurants Instagram and Twitter feeds to your menu screens to increase your following

  • Promote new items, upcoming events, and deals

Food Truck Digital Menu Boards


Food truck digital menus are the perfect solution for menus that change frequently. Using your laptop, you can make on-the-fly updates to your menu to update your customers on items that are sold out. 


  • Turn any TV into a food truck digital menu board

  • Drive attention to featured signature items using mouthwatering images of the items

  • Flawlessly add a combo deals section 

  • Or keep it simple and easy to read using a high contrasting black on white design


Fried Chicken Digital Menu Boards


Start selling more chicken today using fried chicken digital menus. Bright and HD fried chicken digital menu boards will streamline the way you change prices, add new items while enhancing the way you manage your menu. 


Make the best of fried chicken wings digital menu boards using these expert suggestions:


  • Utilize combo style menu design nicely showcases your combo meals

  • Include HD images of all items contained in each combo to build additional value and visually appealing

  • Dedicate one digital menu to your featured specials to drive margins


Deli Digital Menu Boards


From meats by the pound to listing out your freshly made deli foods, you can use deli digital menu boards to display your menu exquisitely! Go with a vintage chalkboard deli menu style that is easy to read, or set up a modern yet straightforward deli digital menu style that features a clean combination of colors. 


  • Beautifully show off your premium Boars Head meat selections and cold cuts

  • Upsell featured lunch specials, soup and sandwiches, and paninis

  • Preschedule your daily deals to auto-rotate on defined times and days


Hamburger Digital Menu Boards


There's nothing like a tasty 100% Angus burger! Use burger digital menu boards to showcase your perfectly signature hamburgers. Include mouthwatering video clips of burgers grilled to create that visual appeal to drive sales. Hamburger digital menu boards will give you that extra needed edge to better manage and display your hamburger menu.


  • Includes scrolling text ticker promotions; for example - add thick-cut hickory-smoked bacon to your bacon for only .$99

  • Schedule exclusive happy hour advertisements to create new sales opportunities

  • Promote your loyalty app and contactless delivery options


Bakery Digital Menu Boards


Bring a new and modern look to your bakery using bakery and pastry digital menu boards. Please give it a clean look with silhouette-style graphics of your bakery items in the background. Include a three-column-style layout to ensure your categories are easy to read.


Critical advantages of bakery digital menus include:


  • Preschedules your breakfast and lunch menus to autoplay on defined times and days

  • Remotely design, update and manage your digital menus from anywhere with any pc or laptop

  • Use any tv size or brand, low cost to get started


Smoothie Digital Menu Boards


Create a fresh and fun ordering vibe using smoothie digital menu boards. Completely customizable to reflect your brand's theme and colors, you have complete control and flexibility regarding your smoothie digital menus layout. 


Follow these tips to make the best smoothie digital menu system:


  • Utilize 4k motion videos of fresh fruits and vegetables being cut

  • Feature a screen that is dedicated to showcasing key health benefits of smoothie 

  • Easily updated all menu, items, descriptions, prices, and images


Chalkboard Digital Menu Boards


One of the most popular and influential styles, digital chalkboard menus offer irresistible eye appeal, is extremely easy to read, and generate a modern yet classic look. The black on white is super clean and minimalistic. When designing the menu, make sure not to list more than twenty items per tv.


  • A traditional yet contemporary look

  • Visually striking and grabs your attention

  • Easily include nice HD slideshows and videos

  • Add bottom scrolling sales ticker to advertise high margin items better

Mexican Restaurant Digital Menu Boards


Take your Mexican restaurant to the next level using Mexican food digital menu boards! Showcase those new pineapple margaritas, upsell fresh Asada street tacos, and preschedule your happy hours to auto-play on your defined times. When using Mexican restaurant digital menu boards, you will use any TV as your menu boards. 


  • Include festive bright, and clean colors to compliment your brand's images and theme

  • Add scrolling drink ticker text specials to upsell new specialty drinks

  • Feature loyalty app promotions that encourage your customers to sign up


Gyro Digital Menu Boards


Upgrade your menus with vivid and clear 4K gyro digital menu boards! From showcasing your signature meals and baskets to making on-the-fly edits to pricing, you can use gyro digital menu boards to increase food sales, schedule promotions, and improve your brand's image. 


  • Include guest reviews with food image slideshows

  • List out daily specials and new deals

  • Upsell large drinks with fries to increase add-on sales

  • Add featured desserts and ice cream section to drive profits


Bar Digital Menu Boards


Neatly display your entire bar menu line up using bar digital menu boards. Feature your complete list of beers on tap, specialty drinks, and food items. Include featured happy hour specials, new appetizer shareables, and Preschedules your menu to play specific slides and items on specific times and days.


  • Make on the fly edits to sold-out beers and prices

  • Feature live sports feeds and game scores

  • Include trivia to engage and entertain your patrons


Pizza Digital Menu Boards


Take your pizzeria to the next level with pizza restaurant digital menus. Beautifully feature your entire pizza menu in an easy-to-read fashion that is bright, clear, and simply stunning. Use pizza digital menu boards to improve the way you advertise featured new deals, appetizers. 


  • Increase Profits by exclusively featuring slideshow images and videos of your highest margin items

  • Include a section that promotes mobile ordering, contactless delivery, and your customer loyalty program

  • Remotely edit your pizza digital menu boards from any computer or laptop


Cafe and Coffee Shop Digital Menu Boards


Bring a new layer of class to your cafe using coffee digital menu boards. Incorporate a classic chalkboard coffee digital menu board design that is high contrasting and easy to read. Cafe digital menu boards are easy to set up, and you can use any size or brand tv.


  • Feature video clips of fresh beans roasting and cappuccinos being made

  • Schedule a breakfast digital menu to play, then auto switch to your lunch menu

  • Add media slideshows that rotate through menus, videos, and images


Fast Casual Digital Menu Boards


Modernize while improving your guest's experiences using fast-casual digital menu boards. Incorporate your branding elements into the design to keep a consistent image across all of your fast-casual digital menu boards.


  • Please keep it clean and simple using complimenting colors

  • Proper spacing of items and images is a must to create a fresh design

  • Dedicate at least one screen to strictly promoting your newest items

  • Insert videos of fresh vegetables being cut or burgers being grilled to increase impulse purchases 


How to get started with digital menu boards?


Let's start with tvs first. You can select any brand or size tv. It doesn't matter if it's a smart tv or not.


From how many tvs you need standpoint, it comes down to the menu design style you want and how many total items you have on your menu.


If you want a text-only digital menu board, then feature no more than 35 items per digital menu tv.


For image and text menus, add no more than 25 items per digital menu tv. This will allow for proper spacing of the digital menu template.


You can use either PowerPoint or digital menu board software to design your digital menus. A digital menu board software will usually have a library of templates to customize and allow you to send your menu to the tv wirelessly.


If you need help with design or are not sure how to get started, contact us today! We can provide you with expert advice, a free menu review, and suggestions on setting up your digital menu board!


How do I get my menu on the TV?


The easiest and fastest way to put your menu on a TV is to use a USB stick. Take your restaurant menu design, save it as a JPEG, and then transfer it to a USB stick. You will need one USB stick per digital menu TV.


The downside to USB digital menu board is:


  1. Cannot display in portrait orientation

  2. Cannot update the menus wirelessly

  3. Cannot add zones of slideshows within the menu


If you want a digital menu board system that allows you to remotely design, edit and manage all of your digital menu displays, consider using digital signage software. When it comes to getting your menu on the TV, digital menu board software is by far the easiest and most efficient option. You will be able to centrally manage all of your digital menus, preschedule menus to play at specific times, and make on-the-fly edits to your menu.

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